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  1. faith

    Suggestion bank

    I really like that idea but it gives ic and I don’t think staff or cole wanna do that, but it also proves the rich get richer. Though it would help the economy balance out more
  2. faith

    Suggestion bank

    Create in game banks for each character so they can deposit what they don’t want to spend instead of going over board and gambling it all
  3. Since for some reason I can’t use player complaint section I’m using this one, Chef Boyardee was loaned 30k and never came back to the server.
  4. faith

    Suggestions for moat

    Chinese New Year event, like easter and pumpkins event where you can grab them off floor but textured to be a bowl of ramen one of the drops can be a cup o noodle model a moat app for gambling
  5. Straight bank accounts
  6. i thought there was a rule where it’s bannable to claim it was a false charge to PayPal
  7. Welp no more donations then 🤷🏼‍♀️
  8. I have donated 350 dollars(at least) in the past to moat, I’m not going to donate now because PayPal option was removed, :( no more money for you cole
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