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  1. Personally I find it extremely frustrating when I rarely get a t round, but when I do, it’s on a wacky fast round or a golden deagle round. They do nothing but ruin my chance to work on my daily and usually end up in RDM. Maybe it’s my ♥♥♥♥ luck but it seems that quite a few of my t rounds happen to land on wacky rounds ;( forgive my grammar it’s 2:30 am );
  2. They're not wacky, they're lame. Its only funny to heard the groans from everyone when you hear the little wacky round sound. Those rounds are never fun and usually lead to rdm fests. Either come thru with better wacky rounds or get rid of them...
  3. Word on the grapevine is that there is already something in the works for that tactical slot. I'd say wait and see what we get. Not a bad idea though, definitely hold on to that.
  4. Would be nice to see deathstroke fixed :>
  5. I'm going to SS or tell niko to SS. When moat gets off, almost half the server leaves by the next map. Can we all at least agree that everyone is going to try to get into the server with boss rounds? I am not underestimating the MG community, but if you're going to add a second server. At least make it viable to those who want to join by adding the mini-games. Otherwise you'll have a server with queues and another with 10 little kids. Trust me, I've seen this ♥♥♥♥ happen to servers I used to help run. Niko and I were Admins a couple years back for a few servers that tried to split up.
  6. One day is going to decide what I've seen happen for month(s) that I've been here? I don't think moat actually waited 2 hours. I mean let's be realistic, I've waited before and the most I waited was an hour; while moat was on, on a weekend, and everyone was having fun. Just yesterday the crates glitched out which made me restart my game, guess how long I waited. 30 minutes. Side note: If you're waiting on the server, you'll need to keep your game open. If you're queued up with the game alt tabbed, then yeah it will take longer to load. Come on, you're telling the line was so long that moat had to wait two actual hours? Nah
  7. Happy. I was on 30 min ago. 14 on the server. Moat not there Right now. Full. Moat is on. If I need to take screenshots, I will. Niko and I have been putting in more playtime than almost anyone else on the server (check leader board) and we both agree that it may not be 100% moat, but its a good 85% or more. You can't say school because its already late into the afternoon.
  8. Didn't see anyone bring up the fact that no one is going to join the server that moat isn't on. With all due respect, moat himself is what keeping the server full. Why? The boss round/mini-games. If you go to the TTT server right now, its not full. Wanna guess why? No one is there to start a mini-game. If you were to make the second server minecraft only, it'll be filled with a younger audience and I personally refuse to mix with that type of player. I'm sure others share the same sentiment as I. A second server will sound like a better idea if moat allows staff to start mini-games as well, otherwise its going to be everyone trying to join the server with moat and the boss rounds. What Nefer said about MG having enough staff might be saved for a different thread/topic, but I'd like to share a quick thought. There are a lot of TTT staff members that are on the server once every other day. We should shorten the list by staff who 1) does a proper job and 2) is on the server a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise you have mods *cough* *cough* that join once in a blue moon. +1 As I stated above, I believe that the second server will only work if it has mini-games as well. Although it may be filled with kids, its still a good way to grow this rapid community :^)
  9. Okay, Ill join the discord if any other problems emerge or I need some clarification. Thank you
  10. tesfaye


    I'm so tired of one staff member saying one thing and having another feel differently about server rules. This server needs a better set of rules so the mods/admins do not collide. I was pushed to make this thread today because I was (in my opinion falsely) slain for killing a t buddy who thought it would be a good idea to shoot at a pack of innos. We obviously were not going to win that fight (2v5sih) and I refused to get killed off association. Happy was told me multiple times it was okay to do so, because my t buddy has to be an idiot. Unfortunately I was slain by Dovahkiin for "rdming a t buddy" and was told to "not listen to happy" This is NOT an attack at the t mod. Although I do not agree with his decision, it only goes to prove that there are cracks in the rules and admins need to come together and not just slay whenever they like. Maybe I'm making it a bigger deal than it is, maybe I should go ♥♥♥♥ myself. I dunno, let me know if you guys agree that the rules need some work or that I'm acting like a ♥♥♥♥♥. Proof: https://gyazo.com/53b58d821c9b548e591805b83c61fcd6
  11. +1 As the person who reported him, I meant to forgive but accidentally kept the report. I do not want niko to be banned because I was messing around. He is a very good friend/teammate, always playing by the rules while making everyone laugh. I would like to take responsibility as it was all a misunderstanding, niko did not intend to revenge RDM me and I would like to say that I meant to forgive my report instead of keeping it. Hes a good friend and I would hate to not be able to play with him for 5 days because of a misunderstanding. Hopefully we can revert the ban and act like it never happened because of a mislick and mistake.
  12. 5. I honestly don't care about re-rolling talents or any sort of reward when you level up a gun. I'd be fine with a simple button that resets all the XP for the gun. I only brought up rewards so other people would warm up to the idea. My initial post was a suggestion so of course it could use some work.
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