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  1. they had fixed my inv then i got off and went to sleep and it broke again so at least the is progress
  2. can you stop making time wasting suggestions because you obviously dont play enough if you think flame retardant is an issue i almost never run into anyone that uses it and when they are it dosent save them from headshots . The only power up that is and issue is health bloom and im pretty sure any old player or anyone with 10days of playtime or more will agree.
  3. agreed my plantery cfo5 has 0 recoil and i feel bad using it lol
  4. yea gtfo of here with a battle pass battle passes are dumb and not necessary in any game there put in but just a summer climb would be cool i dont wanna pay for rewards
  5. tbh im level 97 and i dont have anything to really work towards on moat the grind has no real reward since i dont drop stuff from crates so something to work towards would be great but if they make it the way your saying maby being able to be 100% positive on what base gun your gonna get would make it cool that way im not grinding hard af and getting a stupid cosmetic would really kill my vibe
  6. exactly you cant play the game when you are having to cuck the innos over as a detective because you need that 5k ic and the exp i always feel bad when im d because i cant help the innos it just dosent work with the flow of the game and should just be replaced
  7. sounds like a interesting perk tbh i think it has a chance
  8. you deff only want this cause of your plantery m14 but m14 are pretty bad so i do think they need a buff aswell
  9. lol do you know how much time it took to get the joule tho
  10. now i can feel like im playing mw2 again make sure there range is broken also
  11. if they dont break the eco then sure but im not tryna pay 250-300k for a cosmic talent mut again
  12. wait you guys are getting drops
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