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  1. What if instead of pressing 1-9 to do a taunt, it's a key, like in TF2 I believe it's "G". You can taunt no matter what weapon you have out.
  2. While we're at it, can we also add the PPSh? I am a sovietaboo :3
  3. Wrong forum, please make a staff complaint here: https://moat.gg/forums/forms/7-staff-complaint-form/ CLOSED
  4. bumping because idk if management has seen this yet
  5. I have all of those things. I'll sell you them all for 13k
  6. Plus, RDMs are a much bigger immediate threat to other people's enjoyment of the game than metagaming is.
  7. I just ban them through discord when I alt :3
  8. this is cultural appropriation >:U
  9. Staff is not an honorary role. You actually have to want to do it and understand what it entails. I think it's fine right now that the community votes on an application the applicant made, and not the community picks their favorites and they feel pressured to do the role.
  10. Wrong forum. Please make your complaint here: https://moat.gg/forums/forum/54-player-complaints/
  11. I have a beast mode with trigger finger. I'm fine. I'm talking about everyone else who might not have really good guns. In my subjective opinion, shotguns should be 1 shot weapons at point blank. This is true for the mossberg and DB, but not for regular shotgun. So there's pretty much no reason to use the regular shotgun.
  12. That's what's fucking frustrating. If I bodyshot someone with a shotgun and every pellet hits, they should die. Currently, they are left with 10 health and shotguns fire so slow that by the next shot you might already be dead
  13. the goongsta and goongstar are both mac11, it's literally a high end version of the gun he wants
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