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  1. Coding in multiple algorithms to order all the items in the game that can appear in your inventory would not take under an hour and certainly more than 10 minutes. Maybe it would if it was super bad organization and you only factored the most basic elements to sort by. And if then whats the point if all its doing is just putting all the items rarity in order. It definitely would not look organized. And by junk I mean hoarding entire rows and columns specialized paints and what not. I have way more items than you and it takes less than 30 minutes to re organize it as well as my old inv. No "10 minute" sorting sytem could ever order items like that.
  2. Actually its a p90 with no scope and 10 more mag
  3. Personally, having to spend a ton of development time on near useless things like this is bad time managment. Unless you amass literal piles of junk in your inventory then I don't see how a searchbar is necessary. You can very easily see what every item is just by looking at them along with rarity. And why would you wait an hour just to resort your inventory when you can do it yourself in less than half of an hour. The only thing usefull is item stacking but even then only applies to paints and skins.
  4. If you have to wait an hour just click a button to rearange your inventory then its just dumb. You could rearange it yourself in half that time.
  5. In-Game Name of Offender Tom DeLonge Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:70019004 Date of Incident 02/26/2020 Report Type Metagamers Your Discord ID Description He was in the tester area of the mcmotel map with a bunch of innocents and after staring at the T door and button for well over 3 seconds decides to press it and turn away as if he didn't press it. I reported this and the Moderator at the time, Haruka, told me it happens sometimes, looked at the report then did nothing. Tom's response was something to the effect of "it was an accident". Regardless if it was "an accident" I don't know why he didn't even get a warning for it. This sets the precedent that you could do anything and claim it was an accident and not get punished. It's completely flawed logic. I then I asked Haruka to which they explicitly ignored me for the rest of the duration of the map as well as in discord after I pinged them asking. So I sent another report, same explanation from him, same lack of action from the mod. Oh But they did ban another person for the same reason after they closed my report so perhaps it was just favoritism. Evidence Attachments
  6. In-Game Name of Offender Grits Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:17353559 Date of Incident 02/25/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description I used TTS to say, N***** to which he got very upset and spammed me in PM calling me racist. I felt like he was going to rdm me so I did nothing for an entire T round just in case he did and he actually did. And as soon as I confronted him about it he immediately threw excuse saying, "I saw proof but can't prove I saw proof" and "Theres no staff on to look at logs you cant prove I didn't see proof" Included below is the logs before he shot me as well as everything that would cause me to appear. The only time I did anything remotely T like was shoot someone once which he didn't see as he was on the other side of the map and in fact never saw me for the entire round untill he shot me. Another thing that pops up is the detective hitting me but once again, he didn't see this. It's very clear he just wanted to rdm me and thought I had no way to show proof. Evidence In order the screen shots are: Logs of the only time I shot that round with the location of me and him. Log of the detective hitting me and our locations Log of him shooting me for no reason as soon as he sees me and deathrecap Chat logs Attachments
  7. Its about balance, even some guns that are made to one tap are made obsolete by healthbloom. While you can sit there and make the argument that the other powerups are just as strong you would have to seriously look past certain situations. View how to counter every powerup. Froghopper? you have to take a little more time to aim. Marathon runner? Same as before or use frost on them. Healthbloom? Spend an extra credit to insta kill them or shoot them more. And not to mention the fact that it can stack ontop armor. Weak guns like the TMP would have to hit an additional 4-10 times.
  8. They're already pretty inaccurate, but yes, for deagles, they should 2 tap. I feel like raising their damage to 22x2 buffing their kick just a little and nerfing their mag to just 10 would make them viable.
  9. In-Game Name of Offender Space Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:56122860 Date of Incident 02/24/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID 192199260081487872 Description Attempted Purp RDMx2 + Attempted Kos on Sus For the whole duration of the map, him and sunbeak would constantly karma bait, thowing tnts etc. The first attempted rdm was when he went under the gunstore on 67th way and placed a block in the water so that anyone trying to come down would die and he did in fact kill someone from this. And when someone was possesing the block to get it out of the way he would hold it above the water himself. The second time was when I was outside the tester room , he saw me and he threw a tnt out side and closed the door while he was an innocent. Then to top it off he was inside a room and as soon as I entered he shot at me. Map changed and he rdmed a few more times and occasionally tries to kill people with barrels. Evidence Attachments
  10. Here are my suggestions for the lover weapons Fat Lovers: Balanced Pistol Lovers: Buff RPM by 50 Glock Lovers: Nerf RPM by 100 SG550 Lovers: Give them a scope and the nerf they got won't make them feel as useless. Mac10 Lovers: Nerf RPM by 50-100 TMP Lovers: Buff RPM by 70-100 Rifle Lovers: Either buff damage to 37x2 or give them a scope and buff weight range to 20 to 10 (These are the most useless Lovers guns and I have tried hard to make them work) M16 Lovers: Balanced Shotgun Lovers: Buff accuracy UMP Lovers: Nerf the weight range to +10 to -10 (it doesnt make sense for these to be the only one with a good weight stat. But as cosmic should have at least some worth to them.) Deagle Lovers: Give them cosmic stats or nerf kick and weight or buff damage or buff all its stats. (I bought a pair just to test them and theyre worse than a regular deagle. They seem to be less accurate, kick a lot higher, do less damage and have a ridiulous weight stat with the only benefit being a much higher mag which deagles dont really need. These are the second worst after the rifle lovers.)
  11. Yeah no, id rather not get killed because some dude tests me against my will
  12. I don't think you understand how rng works. If they did that then you would be more likely to drop something if you opened 10 at a time
  13. 1. Keep assassin, why would you remove a perfectly working talent just because some people dont like it. 2. Speed is one of the most powerf things to have. Not stackable please. 3. The point of frost is to slow people down, not damage them. Juggernaut: sure, tweak the ratios a bit Confused: no Slippery: sure Paintball: how did you miss an entire summer event
  14. You do realize every time you open a crate the game creates 200 items then picks 1 to give you. If multiple people open 10 crates at once thats over 4000 items the game has to calculate at once. This is dumb, just open them normally. Instead of mass open. They could impliment an auto open system.