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  1. Or! Or, or, you can just realize the dailies reset at 24 hours. Wow. They reset at basically the same time every day.
  2. While I feel like it may be good to dial back the xp a bit for future event's like the summer climb. Something this extreme is way too much.
  3. HeIIo! I want to preface this post by first thanking @warwind for letting me RDM him to make sure my data was correct, and to state that this isn't just a request for a fix but to also bring to light how the XP works as of today. So I think it's best to just get into the data and then I can explain my thoughts and opinions and hopefully you guys can too. XP Spread Innocent kills Traitor : +50xp Innocent kills Innocent : -35xp Innocent kills Detective : 0xp (Perhaps this is a bug? Your XP does not change upon killing detective as inno) Traitor kills Traitor : -35xp Traitor kills Innocent : +35xp Traitor kills Detective : +50xp Detective kills Traitor : +50xp Detective kills Innocent : -35xp Detective kills Detective : -35xp At first glance it seems ok right? Not quite. For players that weren't aware there was a permanant quad xp set over all the servers for quite a while, so some of you may have forgot the old xp. Mainly the ones worth noticing was Traitor killing Inno and Inno killing Traitor. Which was +70xp and +100xp. Some of you may say, "So what, it doesn't seem like that big of a difference" so I will give you a few examples of how this xp would affect your leveling. Lets say you got a cool little Deadeye and you wanted to unlock BOOM on it. Lets be generous and say it required level 18. So you would need to get all the levels so 1,800xp + 1,700xp + 1,600xp etc,ect. Basically, you would need 27,00xp. Using our data let's assume you tried to get it with only T rounds, and you get on average 3 kills plus 1 detective kill. 155xp per T round (I'm sure you can see the problem already) now let's calculate how many rounds that would take on an average xp gain per T round of 155. 27,000/155= 174 rounds I'm sorry, 174 T rounds to get something to level 18? Ok, no problem let's just put on our perfect xp lover 155*1.75=271.25xp Round to 271 27,000/271=99.6 rounds Nice! but how long would that have took us with the old xp? 310*1.75=542 27,000/542=49 rounds The -35xp to the xp has increased the workload of leveling something to 18 by 50 T rounds. And keep in mind, this is with a perfect xp lover. It would take a player around 330 kills to get to just 20,000xp. That's close to a whole day of killing people, the whole day. Perhaps my math is wrong in some places, feel free to correct me I'd appreciate it. But this is just not right. Lets say you wanted to level up your planetary to level 45. Let's say you got average 5 kills and a detective kill. And you had an average xp lover of about 72%. That would be only 387xp per round. If my math is correct, you would need 267 T rounds. With the old XP you would have needed 133. It's insane. It's just too low right now, xp lovers and quad xp hardly give benefit. I am not the only one that agrees it should at the very least be taken back to its original state.
  4. No, the item's having a tier actually made it worthwhile to get the items. You would have to make the level 100 reward crazy op if its going to be the same rarity as the level 1 reward lmao.
  5. Idga fresh ❤❤❤❤ if you dislike erion, I'm sick of getting rdmed by low levels that find it hilarious to launch you 50 feet into the air 2 seconds before preparing ends.
  6. The problem was removing maps that a majority seem to dislike or had issues. Mcmoonbase which is different than moon base has a community feed back of 48% on top of really low fps. Darkdungeon sits at 39% and if you dont leave spàwn before preparing. You take around 15 damage just getting out of spàwn that usually gets lit up 1-2 seconds in. Imagine if a jester was in there. I suppose you could fix the map by moving the spàwns around. Desert is also around 49%. The average feedback for maps is 60. Im not saying no one likes these maps. Just that a lot of people avoid picking them. No one even talked about these maps until I was asking for opinions
  7. It used to be on moat, not sure what happened to it. But it seems to need another workshop item to work.
  8. HeIIo! It's no secret that some maps in rotation are a bit, low quality to put it nicely. And some are over played, Moat could benefit from some fresh new maps and removal of some maps to keep the game interesting. Following below will be my suggestions on maps to remove based on community feedback and how much they see play. Then maps that need to be fixed due to not being able to load in or because of exploits and then suggested maps to be added. If you have any suggestions or opinions on other mine craft maps or these ones please share them! REMOVAL FROM POOL TTT_mc_darkdungeon_a2 TTT_mc_desert_v2 TTT_mc_moonbase TTT_mc_frozen TTT_mc_hillside TTT_mc_mineshaft TTT_mcmagmaplateu FIX TTT_mc_frozencargo (prevent people from being under the map) TTT_minecraft_expedition MAP ADDITIONS TTT_mc_slenderman (reup) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1939345252 TTT_mc_rivendell https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2075039323 TTT_minecraft_verticle_expedition https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1509022683 TTT_minecraft_mythic- rebuilt https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883367518
  9. Boom doesn't actually trigger 100% of the time on DB. It goes off a lot but not 100%. This is just how multi shot weapons work with boom. And due to how models are in game, its actually more beneficial to get fracture over focus on some shotguns. And VSS is worse than you think. The rpm on it is a red herring making you believe it is full auto, its not. You have to tap fire with it just to land shots. But it doesn't matter because after the huge nerf it got, it does 4 damage from sniper range. It maybe due to a change in how its range works.
  10. A few incorrect statments and overuse of the same two talents kinda make this guide pointless imo
  11. If I'm not mistaken. When you create an explosive in source/ make an addon, you have an option for it to damage through walls or not. Source is smart about where walls are. Whoever created prox mine definitly made it intentionally go through walls.
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