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  1. -1 this is just plain ridiculous, this will lead to people rdming one another just because they walked by a body they possibly couldn't have seen. Im sorry, but -1 this post has no actual value, your opinion is appreciated, but instead learn to make a bind or something for id or kos, if they keep running shoot them. Also with situational awareness why would this promote it, if anything T's don't need to be as aware as inno's do. Smart plays and situational awareness would make the game benefit long timer players and would be bad for new players since they would be getting murked left and right, that would discourage them to play. Please think about the pro and cons of others players before thinking it would reward, majority of our player base ranges from young children to young adults so please be aware of that
  2. CLOSED AND ARCHIVED Kupreme nor ♥♥♥ had gained anything from not doing anything to each other, there was no farming involved. Even though they didnt do much both ♥♥♥ and Kupreme will be warned for this.
  3. CLOSED I've attempted to contact on discord and on forums. With no sustaining evidence this will be closed
  4. CLOSED Pebble peddler obviously shows no intent to play by the rules and will receive a perma ban for mass rdm
  5. CLOSED Bob has been warn for hateful conduct, next offense will result in a punishment.
  6. Closed and Archived Due to insufficient evidence the player will not be punished.
  7. Due to insufficient evidence this report will be closed -Missing Player Steam id -No evidence to back up claim
  8. By far the most tedious bounty known to mg. This bounty requires way to much effort and honestly ruins gameplay because when getting in a fight players will run away to try and heal instead of fighting. This is overall a ♥♥♥♥ bounty. The bounty should be changed from overall health regained. This should work for talents, sandwiches and other healing items. Other then medicality(This would make people camp) Along with that the overall health regained should be increased but also allowed to be completed across all maps. This would make certain rounds go alot faster instead of people camping for health Edit: i know this has been suggested before but with the new event its been super annoying
  9. @NarutoBob if you can please respond to this and clarify what happened here that will be appreciated
  10. @Inferno moat.gg please pm on discord whenever you have the chance
  11. Closed Player will receive 4 day ban, reason is posted in another report posted.
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