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  1. https://imgur.com/a/B0ca03Y It already to late
  2. Blood bullet. Slot: other Effect: Every 1 second sacrifice 1 hp for 1-3 ammunation for your primary. great synergy with the talent Desperate times. Could be modeled like glacius or contagion ball, you would hold it and press to use. Thanks and as always have a nice day !
  3. This year I will be saving each 5$ ( paper ) that I get and I will only pay cash from now on. Replace my soda drink with water. gotta keep myself hydrated to play games :D Thanks you and as always, have a nice day !
  4. Today I would like to suggest model of the Rainbow Six Siege operator. I really like R6S and I hope some of you like it too. :) I found a author on the workshop who as a lots of the models done and many others models which looks pretty cool. Here is the link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/auditor527/myworkshopfiles/?appid=4000&p=1 Thanks for and as always, have a nice day !
  5. The Sr-25 would be a nice addition to the event ! :D
  6. Well my hype was destroyed right away haha ! But I still love you moat :)
  7. Which server did the bug occur?: On the TTT server What time did the bug occur?: around 22:10 pm EDT What Happened?: I was opening crates with the fast method ( opening then clicking the X button ) at my last crate I think pressed X and I pretty fast to open my inventory but the menu glitch and I couldnt do anything else. I had to force close my game. Here is a screenshot of the bugged menu : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883813896 Steps to Reproduce [if Available]: I dont know if I could reproduce it, maybe it was a one time deal. Thanks and as always, have a nice day !
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