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  1. saying the boss needs to stop camping is like a boxer telling his opponent not to hit him so he can win
  2. this isn't a good idea at all and its a bit much to ask for a personal legal document for a TTT server its borderline doxxing yourself
  3. yeah lets do a wipe that will throw away months of saving up ic or trying to get a good gun or money spent every year yeah great but seriously why would this be a good idea this would make people want to leave the server even more including newcomers what if they get a good gun near the end of the year just for it to get wiped or get items that they worked hard for to get wiped if you ask me this is a very bad idea just to be clear i don't play on these servers anymore cause crap like this
  4. @Xyaena [moat.gg] the problem is that moat did this before he won't listen to the community we tried but he blames everyone but himself
  5. i think its fine how it is mine is pretty good
  6. @Zacall the Jackal sometimes people lie on the report just to get the victim to cancel it
  7. @DJ Diamond Bear >:( we've got an ash model from pokemon
  8. changed my profile pic with one of my other drawings

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