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  1. Shotgun + XM combo tho Still -1
  2. Stahp, make them figure it out for themselves.
  3. User Assassin Vasto Lorde STEAM_0:1:52688388 will be banned for 2 days for purposeful RDM x 2 Closed and Archived
  4. Since you talked about the unban request, when it SPECIFICALLY SAYS to not talk about it, This is DENIED. Ban Upheld. DENIED, and moved to Archive! Anyone caught talking about their unban request, spreading the link to it, or asking others to comment on it will be automatically denied.
  5. For me, shooting in the direction of others is T-baiting, whether it's across the map, or I was just shooting at a window, it doesn't matter. I think false reports should get a slay for each as well. so +1 on that. Shooting in general is T-baiting for me, except for a few exceptions(IE: Shooting at a wall while next to it, or shooting the ground)
  6. After contacting mythical zebra about this, he would not cooperate and tell me his side of the story, basically told me to just do whatever. Since this is his 3rd offense for RDM, he is being banned for 1 week. CLOSED AND MOVED TO ARCHIVE
  7. Can't get either of them. Base weapons only :P Not uniques.
  8. @Moat In my opinion, 100 kills for a white is kind of high. Maybe 25? Considering you would have to be a traitor so many times.
  9. Time to spam event credits on boss rounds, deathclaw boosts hype :D
  10. I love this, now I can use my mac10 again :D This is going to be cancer! <3
  11. Like george said, adding models could cause huge problems with the hitboxes. I would LOVE more models, but if it takes a lot of moats time and/or money then I don't think it's worth it. I'm happy with my deathstroke model :P
  12. 100% me all month every month. I'm in all 3 spots every month. I think this is a great idea, but It's rewarding someone that's only doing their job.
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