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  1. What are you trying to say? I dont understand. I didn't say I loved people being able to say the r word, I said it wasnt that bad compared to the incredible n word spam.
  2. Hateful conduct being removed was one of the worst things to happen to this server. People cannot be trusted to control themselves. People calling each other retarded? That's not that bad, I can live with that. But people are throwing the n word around like nobodies business. The amount of edgy meme kids with guns called "n word killer" or something is insane. Theres a guy called the coon who just keeps saying n word n word n word. And it never makes the play experience better.
  3. Just leave it as it is and don't change the radius? People vote for those maps because they want to use C4. Some people ENJOY C4. They might use those maps as easy ways to level weapons or do dailies. If we shrink the radius, what's the point of using it at all? It already barely gets kills unless you hide it well in a great place. When we removed C4 on clue and motel, we had to fix prox mines and deal with the very real concept of detectives delaying forever inside the D room. And Clue never got picked again. It went from being like the #3 map to never being played. What next, minecraft city gets it banned because you can put it in two places and cover most of the town easily?
  4. Ban C4 I can't crouch jump past explosions! Other people are having fun with dynamite and I disagree! My marathon runner and perfect lightweight meme guns should mean I get to win without having to consider explosives!
  5. It was just around the corner when I was just starting to play on this server. Last April. Probably never gonna happen 😞
  6. Likor has had a lot of complaints for this kinda thing, he's gotta be onto his third offense which would be a week ban. If, you know, you made a proper report. Nudge nudge, wink wink, passive aggression via forum posts like this doesn't fix anything.
  7. Who would have thought letting motato do an AMA would go this well eh
  8. This seems a pretty straight forward case. Seems he did ping, seems he did kick you, seems you deserved it. Maybe you should think yourself lucky a staff didn't turn up, or you might well be staring down the barrel of a ban. No action will be taken as brotherofschism is innocent of these accusations.
  9. I attempted to add AlphaMalePug to speak to him regarding this, but as of right now he has not responded. After reviewing the evidence and straining my eyes on the damage logs, I have concluded that the charge is "Purp RDM & Leave x2 (First Offence)" and the punishment is a 4 day ban.
  10. +1 Zorro survives too many mossberg blasts to the chest 😞
  11. Based on the evidence presented and the reply from the player in question, this player will receive a 1 day ban for Purp RDM first offence.