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  1. The main difference between snowball and the other projectile talents is that snowball is only on a few weapons, none of which are really broken with snowball on. I mean, some are better (cupids) but generally, there's nothing with 2000 RPM throwing out hundreds of snow❤❤❤❤❤ a second. Projectile talents need to be brought down a peg in terms of power, as of right now they're just too strong. +1
  2. You didn't mention Plaza 😧 I find it pretty funny that we removed C4 from Clue and it dropped out of the most played maps. If we had 16 maps instead of 8, you'd always lose the vote to whatever version of the most played maps appeared in there. We have about 4 versions of dolls and 5 versions of 67th Way in rotation in total. But, people flock to inno motel. Any server that is on Inno Motel gets filled to capacity. Map changes, people leave to find another Inno Motel map. Very boring but, that's the grindy event we have atm. Pushes people into cycling innocent motel until their eyes bleed.
  3. This is a really dumb idea and honestly, I support it. I ❤❤❤❤in' love christmas.
  4. Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:17785321 Rank Applying For: Administrator Why do you want to be promoted?: Before we continue, I think it's customary for me to suggest a soundtrack. Here's the one for this app, it's not as long a track as I don't think this app will be as long as my others. https://youtu.be/lTx3G6h2xyA Song playing? Alright then. I have said that I didn't want to be promoted further in the past, and that I don't feel I deserve it. But, I also feel that I have fulfilled all I set out to do as Moderator. Everything from here on is a plus. I've spent a lot of time working to develop the staff team to be more unified and to foster an atmosphere of acceptance and friendliness. And I feel that, right now, there's more I could do. When I first applied to the staff team, I said I wanted to help improve the quality of the team. That I wanted to help teach the t staff a better grasp of the rules and I think with out most recent class of t-staff, I've definitely done that. I've felt my role has been one of leadership with a heavy focus on uplifting my fellow staff for a long time. With the retirement of two administrators and the gamut of moderators fighting over forum work, I feel we are more in need of administrators to handle the workload than we are of moderators, and since I feel I'm experienced at my role I would suggest I'm one of the most qualified to step up. I know I haven't done the most forum work, but there hasn't been much sat around for me to do. I've taken complaints whenever I see them up for grabs, but the truth is there are so many people taking them that it's difficult to get them. What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?: Deal with all the administrator work that's sitting around waiting to be done, as it comes in, and continue my (self appointed) leadership role in the staff team and helping to build a stronger and robust staff team. Tbh most of what I'd be doing is what I'm doing now, just with a salivating topping of ban requests. Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?: Yeah, I've spoken to several admins in the past and more recently Beccaw and Maple. How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?: As often as I'm around, which right now it pretty often. About 8 hours a day easy I'm checking discord or in game, usually more.
  5. In game you can go to the inventory and in the "free rewards" section, there's a link to join the Discord.
  6. Darth Vadar is my favourite character in Star Trak
  7. I want more models! idc about lil peep that much but anything that causes me to to not face 500 chells a day would be cool.
  8. Ok, since my interaction with dummy thicc was a pleasant one, I'll skip past the weird argument below her post that can, at best, be described as a bizarre feud with a HA by a man whose brain has degenerated into mush. I don't remember anyone saying "kms" is against the rules. If I were to see someone saying that, I'd probably put them right. "❤❤❤❤❤❤" isn't prohibited by our HC rules probably and I imagine it's because it's 1) so deeply ingrained in the vocabulary of the online community 2) it was previously prohibited but only if you described other people as ❤❤❤❤❤❤ed, you could say "I am ❤❤❤❤❤❤ed" and it would be fine. Overall, I wouldn't mind if we weren't allowed to say that R word but I'm going to accept that we have rules that stop most toxic behaviour and offensive language and slurs from being used. It's worth remembering that HC doesn't JUST cover two words, it also covers targeted use of slurs on a person and harassment rules can also apply if someone is toxic to someone. Also Vir has a good point in that staff don't make rules up. In reality, rules are made by a small section of the staff team and the teaching of the rules to other staff members and players is something that is continuous and ongoing. The vagueness of the rules is there to make them less likely to loopholes and people with omega level brains trying to work around the rules (see the "n*bb* isn't the same as n*gg*" argument) I'd LOVE to make a thorough guideline for HC but in all honesty, it's better to help train T Staff to better use their own judgement to deal with each situation so that, eventually, everyone is on the same level, rather than they use some checkbox system to verify if someone is/isn't using HC because they're using slightly different words in a slightly different way. This post was a lot longer than I wanted it to be 😧
  9. Much better than another fruit throwing concept
  10. I love the idea of a talent that deafens you, cool idea
  11. So after careful consideration and thought, I can't really rule this as purposeful RDM. It has thus fallen upon me to rule this as ACCIDENTAL RDM VIA NOT UNDERSTANDING THE RULES and the guilty party shall be slain for the crime of: Please do not KOS off of weapon nor for walking past a body without asking them to ID. Press F3 to read the rules!
  12. I have waited several days and the user has not accepted my friend request, so I shall proceed without his feedback. Reading the logs and the situation, I can't really see a reason why he would do so and he has received several votekick bans for RDM, I have decreed that the user known as THEOVERMIND (Steam ID STEAM_0:0:183486990 ) will receive a ban for Purposeful RDM First Offence.
  13. User has not replied to my friend request and so this will proceed without his input. Since I can't verify the second kill wasn't 100% RDM, I will be unable to do anything with it. However, the user ( STEAM_0:0:156070816 ) shall be given a one day ban for Purposeful RDM first offence for the first kill, as there is no reason in the provided logs that he could have to drop that dude.
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