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  1. So after careful consideration and thought, I can't really rule this as purposeful RDM. It has thus fallen upon me to rule this as ACCIDENTAL RDM VIA NOT UNDERSTANDING THE RULES and the guilty party shall be slain for the crime of: Please do not KOS off of weapon nor for walking past a body without asking them to ID. Press F3 to read the rules!
  2. I have waited several days and the user has not accepted my friend request, so I shall proceed without his feedback. Reading the logs and the situation, I can't really see a reason why he would do so and he has received several votekick bans for RDM, I have decreed that the user known as THEOVERMIND (Steam ID STEAM_0:0:183486990 ) will receive a ban for Purposeful RDM First Offence.
  3. User has not replied to my friend request and so this will proceed without his input. Since I can't verify the second kill wasn't 100% RDM, I will be unable to do anything with it. However, the user ( STEAM_0:0:156070816 ) shall be given a one day ban for Purposeful RDM first offence for the first kill, as there is no reason in the provided logs that he could have to drop that dude.
  4. Following a long consultation session and meditating on this, I have decided that STEAM_0:0:439781888 aka MoistWaffle will be given a one day ban for Purposeful RDM.
  5. Following my in depth investigation, reviewing the footage and the evidence, I have decided that STEAM_0:0:43958219 aka ♥♥♥♥♥ OF BABYLON is to be banned for purposeful RDM first offence. They have received numerous votekicks for similar behaviour and from the way they talk in the video clearly believe that their kill is justified. Hopefully, they'll follow the rules in future and this won't happen again.
  6. I am content with Ria's explanation of this that the kill was legitimate, most likely more through association than just because of the unid'd bodies he walked past. NO FURTHER ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.
  7. Let it be known that: User STEAM_0:1:44412038 "I'm high" will receive a 2 day ban for Purp RDM (2nd Offence).
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