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  1. oh there is definitely more, but those are the ones i know of for sure
  2. i know some of the songs are from blackmill. hes a chillstep/melodic dubstep artist. been around a long time. i used to listen to him alot back in 2011. check him out on youtube. Blackmill is his name again, and the song i know for a fact that is used is "Let It Be ft. Veela"
  3. Damn really? I had nothing but good times with you. Never a bad moment. Although if we being real here.....you've taken a lot of my IC from gambling.....but other than that, nothing bad.
  4. Lol someone doesn't understand the % drops of the crates. I WANT A GUARANTEED COSMIC OR ABOVE BECAUSE I SPEND 2K IC. Funny thing is, the Titan crates actually had the biggest drop rate fix of all the crates which still makes them the best crate to get hands down.
  5. Bump 1 - I WANT THIS SHIT! I understand there is an inventory situation going on, but i can still get this idea pushed through.
  6. im totally not for this, but you missed the opportunity to call if "Midas" or "Midas touch"
  7. The fuck up is from the update to Gmod. Other servers were hit too. Moat isn't the only one
  8. hopefully see ya soon man. it was fun with ya
  9. What?! what thought pattern are you on that makes you think a rifle should be a secondary (no matter the stats). Yes revamping the stats is needed. But in no way/shape/or form should the VSS even be thought of as a secondary.
  10. Well yeah....if it already existed i wouldn't have made a post about it. And i know that it would have to be coded. And i know Cole is busy with current issues. I'm not asking for him to stop what he is doing and make this item. i'm simply putting an idea out there that can be added in the future.
  11. True you would think it be obvious. However, not everyone WOULD double test even if they are inno. take the current situation with testing. Me personally, i rarely test even if i'm an inno. Some people use it as a troll or to mess around and throw the D/Provens off. A double test wouldn't change that way of thinking. Every time i refuse a test when i'm inno, i'm always sus'ed. But that doesn't change the fact that i'm still inno and i'm messing with the D/Provens. This can go the same way with double testing. If i'm inno and test once (i become proven since i am an inno) and then they ask to do it again, i can refuse and become sus'ed. that hasn't changed the fact i'm still an inno. so a T could make the same decision and the outcome wouldn't change. Also i made an edit to the function of the item. let me know if that makes sense.
  12. Yes but, how many people do double tests already? True there inst a mechanic that does what i suggested. But, it would be a waste of game play/time to re-test every single person that decides to be tested. Even then, the person doesn't HAVE to test again. Its the same situation as when someone is asked to test via map tester or portable tester and the person opts out of it. That doesn't automatically make them a T. So the need to double test wouldn't change anything. The fake test could easily be perceived as a real test and the person who was tested can opt out of double testing just as easily as people already do now.
  13. Yeah but with that logic technically all T items and D items that are the most popular are gimmicky. So gimmicky doesn't mean bad necessarily. We don't always need absolutely unique items. At that point everything would be too complicated. Sometimes the most simplest thing is the best. But i appreciate the comment instead of just a reaction.
  14. Let me start off by saying YES I KNOW THE T'S HAVE A LOT OF ITEMS ALREADY. However, i feel the T's could have one piece of equipment that could really make the game more interesting. It will be a sort of disguise if you will. It has 1 use of course, but when you step inside a T tester (it wont work on portable testers to help balance it) you can use this item and it will make you appear as an innocent. It can have a holding animation if you want which can also help balance it out or (imo) it should be a unarmed effect. It will show up as nothing in their hands (similar to when a detective equips a portable tester or health station) that way it wont give it away when they use it. Because of how powerful it can be, this item should definitely be a 2 point cost item. And of course a 1 time buy only. Yes you can drop it for a T buddy if you want and it can be in the form of a slam when dropped. I think this item could really change the meta on how T's play. Especially if its in the hands of an experienced player. For the name (since there is already a disguiser) , It can be called a T-Faker, Fake Test, False Test, or Test Disguiser (my personal favorite). If you think of a better name by all means let me know. But again, this item could be a top pick item for what it can do. Edit 1 - With the idea of double testing put out there. This T item could have a length of time that it stays active. Such as "once it is used it will disguise the user as an Innocent for 15-30 seconds". Giving the user enough time to fool any tests in that time period. Again the one true test to combat this, would be a portable tester. Double testing would still be a viable answer, but there would need to be a waiting period for it to happen. During this time (if the D decides to wait to test again) the T can either opt out or decide to strike. This gives balance to the item
  15. i mean if we gonna go with that. then lets make a higher quality than planetary......also i want this shit now. i want to get on and i want it in my inventory RIGHT.....NOW! but yes it should be a cosmic ATLEAST.
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