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  1. @Half Send can you post a link to the full video. can either post here or to my discord. you have 24hrs to respond
  2. Me: Why did sally fall of the swing? you: Why? Me: Because she had no arms. Me: Knock Knock. You: Who's there? Me: Not sally.
  3. Get good.........i've never used froghopper btw and im fine with whats happening. I've been up against it and didn't have problems with it, so i don't really care if people do it or not. But if enough people really want it changed, sure, ill go with them and ask for change. But im still gonna say get good no matter the outcome. Its just fun to say that to people.
  4. This is like the 3rd or 4th post about "idea that no one wants to hear/talk about" and its getting annoying now. We get it, economy is super flooded with IC right now. However, as it has already been stated multiple times before, the majority of planet mutators that came back have already been used up. When they came back they used to be 50k each. Now its back up to (iirc) 150k for planetary? give it some time and all the prices will eventually return to normal, yes people have a sh-it ton of money right now, but that will be circulated and evenly distributed or it will be used on crates and poofed out of existence (the most likely method). Wiping will not solve anything. There are people that are fuc-k rich, but most of them got that money from legit means. they either sold items to multiple different people, or gambled for it. who cares if someone has 20000000000000 ic. that doesn't effect how you personally play or gain items. People keep looking for solutions to problems that really don't pertain to them personally or really effect anything. Everything will be fixed, just give it time. Its annoying how everyone thinks a wipe is the perfect solution. Wiping is the end solution when all other methods have been exhausted. can we please stop asking for wipes for everything.
  5. As i agree that we have way too much IC circulating already and reverting back to the old daily system would flood more money, i do miss the old system. Regardless of more IC, it did make it fun to essentially hunt dailies. Its not for everyone, but some like grinding. It gives you something to do. Having the old system can allow for people to choose to grind or be content with the server they are on. With the old system, it would allow for new players or those who don't have capabilities to do certain dailies, the ability to hop and do at least a few dailies that they know they can do. This is a double edged sword for me. Too much IC is already in the economy, but i enjoy Daily hunting. Because i enjoy grinding dailies more than having IC ima give this a big ole plus. +1
  6. if you can link a workshop link to the model that would make it easier.
  7. wrongful killing ie: inno v inoo or inno v jester or traitor v traitor will result in losing xp. This have been a thing for a while. Its meant to be a deterrent to rdm, but tbh it really doesnt do that.
  8. So i was thinking of the possibility of a new gun. A pistol to be more precise. The new gun is the 007 Golden eye pistol. I already have a model for it, however the part i'm wanting to know is should it be the traditional 1 bullet per mag (shoot 1 bullet then have to reload) like the original gun is, or modify it to meet the standards of ttt and make it a 7-10 round gun? I can model the reload of the gun, but i need to know if its a singular bullet or a full mag. I guess that's up to the community but keep in mind, if its 1 bullet it will need amazing stats to counter balance the low mag requirement. Rarity and stats can come later, but now i just want to know is this a wanted idea. Pics below for the model EDIT 1 - so the idea of it becoming a event round/wacky round came up. i think that would be cool. it would essentially be one in the chamber but without the 3 life restriction. so TDM or FFA but 1 round reloads
  9. Ok i'm confused now. You want a new platform (new base game)? That in itself is a HUGE project to undertake. Its not easy. Cole already has enough problems on his plate enough as it is. You also say... Of course he will currently and forever be dependent on Gmod. The Gmod platform is the best for what he wants to do. Just because CSGO now has ttt capabilities does not make it a better platform. In fact it has less customization and building opportunities that you keep talking about and putting on a pedestal as the end all be all. Other games that have had sub-games (mini games) in them that have split into their own entity have either taken years and years to build upon itself and remain trash or simply failed and reverted back to where they started. One of the best examples is DayZ. They started on ARMA2 as a mod, now they have their own game (which btw runs off of ARMA3 graphics, mechanics, etc.). That game was a horrible disaster and had no resemblance to the original game other than the name and the fact it had zombies. It only just now started to get somewhat playable and enjoyable. That took 5 years of early alpha access and an extra 2 years of sustainable updates. 7 years total to get the game somewhat playable. Moat has been around for less than half that and its already in an amazing position for more growth than what has happened. Yes, change is nice....but not for everything. Somethings work better on their original ideas. Again, why fix what isn't broken. you are looking to create a "COOL AND NEW THING!" for something that doesn't need it. Even then Gmod has been out since 2004 and yet no one has had a complaint on the platform being outdated and needing a fresh new pair of legs. Only recently have Sandbox and Facepunch decided to make a sequel to Gmod. And that was announced in 2017 at the end of the year. They only decided to do it because of a new engine that came out. Thats literally it. A new engine is the reason a Gmod 2 will be made. Not the fact that "its old and boring" or "we've done everything we can with this one". So again, NO, a new platform is not NEEDED for Moat. It will be to time consuming for Cole, the challenges involved are to great, there is no guarantee that people will convert to it and like it more, there is a HUGE failure rate with historically looking at other games becoming their own. Also saying this... 1. Makes you look like you have no idea what you are talking about 2. Proves that you don't want to talk about or explain in further detail why you had this (weird) idea 3. makes you look like a dic-k....like c'mon man. You really gonna call two people out that commented with constructive criticism and go all white knight on us? That's not how to handle a conversation about an idea that involves the community (not just your own self interest). Please respond if you want to, but for go-d sake don't just berate me and others like you've already done. Try to argue your point with valid reasons. That's the end of my spiel. This Hall Monitor has some hall pass-es to check.
  10. There is already a technical flare gun. Its a T weapon that burns bodies to get rid of DNA, but you can shoot someone alive and it does burn dmg.
  11. So you are saying you want a completely new updated game? That defeats the purpose of Gmod. Gmod is popular because of its game-play and abilities to do with it (which are not at its limits in the slightest way). The graphics are not at the forefront of any reason the game is played (if this is another reason you want a "new platform"). The game is fine and great the way it is. why fix something that isn't broke? -1
  12. This isn't all the guns. Its like 85% of them. Even then not all are used. But yeah.....steam workshop is a wonderful place. Although its not hard to model low poly guns for gmod. I'm rigging a character model currently and thinking of rigging a gun (which literally takes 15mins top). Gratz on the find i guess
  13. post the workshop link to it so in case its accepted.
  14. literally just model it yourself in blender, its not that hard.
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