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  1. in that case it makes sense. at this point i dont really care what they do to to mutators but i just want them to do something to not inflate the prices and add more of them to the server
  2. well if you can decon them you wont get anything as for example for pay 50k for a mutator and decon and get max 28k, its not smart to do that
  3. i made a topic about it but no one read it properly so they started crying in the comments, someone else made a suggestion that was similar to what i suggested and got like 10 upvotes, i dont mind tho. aslong as something that will stablize the market for mutators is in thats fine. now for what i think. it wont get rid of the market for them, imagine an ascended will be 50k in the shop right. people who get that will sell for 40k but wont go up because of the 50k that is in the store
  4. there has been 3 topics created about mutators this week, they have to do something about this ❤❤❤❤ but they decide to ignore it. moat doesnt want to affect the econmy by any direct means. but one you make a bad decision with the mutators initially then you have to fix it
  5. when people want to reroll their weapons and having to wait 3 days to find one, when they do find one, do you actually think they wont just say pay 5k???? do you actually think like that, its literally only 5k more, you can get that in seconds. People will rather add a bit more money than wait 3 more days to find someone else, technically yeah they ahve a choice but if they dont buy it then they will have a hard time finding another one. and you are saying "you think you need them" thats such a stupid thing to say, you dont need it you want it, and when you want something then some people wont just say oh ok ill wait 3 days and ill find it again no problem. i can tell you that if i find someone who sells an HE talent mutator i wont mind paying him 10k cuz its literally rare to find someone who sells that. i could care less if their price goes up at the moment im buying it because i have 2 seconds to decide or someone else will buy it, thats how bad the situation is
  6. thats WTB chat.... you can clearly see that something needs to be done because this is stupid
  7. thats so simple to say that "dont buy overpriced items" its literally so hard to find someone who sells a mutator and imagine searching for 3 days and when you find one he upps the price by 5k, you got no choice. this is not changing the econmy but balancing the way gameplay works, you shouldnt have to wait so long to find a mutator. and it is literally impossible to not buy overpriced items, the prices will go up no matter what we do. like i said, when not being able to find a person who sells a mutator, you will probably pay 5k more, and that will keep on inflating the price so from like 35k asceneds will become 40, then people who pay 5k more when not being able to find then it becomes 45k and so on. we shouldnt be stopped from paying more for items just because the owner wont do it, thats stupid in my opinion. i think he has to make an exception for that issue as its a big one.
  8. feel like all of them needs to be increased, its literally aids trying to reroll a weapon and make it better because no one sells mutators. some people do sell them but its definitly not enough, if you need proof just look at the WTB channel, i garuntuaee that even if you just tab in it and not scroll you will find at least 2 people buying mutators
  9. some people do sell them but the majorty only sells for *around* 5k and some people will not buy one for 10k even if they were trying to buy one for 5 days straight just because "they are worth 5k"
  10. no i was saying that just because i am kinda mad about that, but forget about it. i didnt suggest mutators on the shop because they wouldnt do it, idk why but they are very against the idea of putting them in the shop for some stupid reason, i agree with those prices if they were on the shop, just dont think they will actually do it
  11. i somewhat agree, i think that its stupid how everyone go by some stupid pc and then the prices dont inflate. but then again, it will just reach to the point where its around 100k and even then it will be hard to find mutators, just as it happened 1 year ago. it will just keep rising whatever we do, my guess is that high end will be around 20k if people sell higher than pc and ascended and cosmic around 100k and 300k respectevly. really think that a change is required.
  12. I dont know how many of you played moat 1 year ago. But for those who have, you probably remember how much cosmic mutators went for, ascended mutators went for and so on. the prices were about 300k for cosmic and around 100k for an Ascended one. i excpect the prices to go back to that range probably by the end of the year, if people wouldnt have abide by the price that is determined by people then the price of a high end stat mutator would have probably jumped to 20, that is because there is too much demand for it and too little of the item. I dont believe it should be that way, espically when it shouldnt be even something that is considerd hard to get. the pcers are at fault too, they cant keep saying that something is 5k or 35k when there is so little of it in the market and a lot of competition for it. I think that what should be done is either increase the chances of getting a mutator, or, every couple of weeks, make a weekend event where people can complete a couple of missions and get a mutator, it could be a different mutator each event. for example one weekend people could do missions and get 5 High end mutator and the next time could be 2 ascended ones, one could even be 1 in 5 chances to get a plant or a cosmic one. im aware that it will deflate the prices of the mutators by quite a lot, but aslong as those events are done with big spaces in between each mutator catagory(cosmic/high end) the prices will stay as they are.
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