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  1. Moat is an insane man on a weird power trip while his empire falls around him. Because he is a weird dude, and refuses to give into pressure... maybe its because its the most attention he has had in a long time an y'know, no publicity is bad publicity.
  2. Get rid of the light theme PUPSSSSSSSSSSSS

    1. Pups



  3. How could we know you wouldn't do it again, ya silly possum.
  4. Wheres my cookies

    1. Pups


      You ate them, fatty.

  5. Just wanted to say you probably deserve to get a strange disease just for that profile song. :sick:

    1. Acquainted


      Just saw this thought wtf you were on about, made the mistake of clicking on pups profile😂

    2. {KLZ}bobnot


      haha ikr. It makes me feel like dying that im back here hearing it again just to reply

    3. MeatNTwoVeg


      you're welcome

  6. I don't like this guy 🙂

    1. Mr.Richard


      most people dont so your good

    2. Pups


      Thats a lie. This is exclusive. Everyone else loves you.

  7. @TakaToka to be fair I couldn't take anyone with a picture like yours seriously.
  8. @Lovely I think that art is lovely.
  9. Who is your favourite female. Female 1, 3, 8, 12 or 14? (Its ok I didn't include 2 or 10, they were a tad odd .o.) No wait question is voided. They're all the same.
  10. 💕

    1. Pups


      Ok out of neutral and up to rank 1 again >:) ❤️

  11. Say that to a jihadi 🙂 Also, how much do you like toes?
  12. I dont hate you, just the club as a general thing ❤️
  13. Ill never hate you or mae ❤️ serious gmod movers ftw. Even if we didn't play a lot 😄 Well i mean im neutral on mae but don't hate!

  14. After solidly playing yesterday when i was suppose to be doing portfolio work, plus cough other drama, id rather not support (I won't judge too much when the ones being nasty are younger than me. Lets be honest, when we were all at uni, were any of us that sensible? no. People are still growing and learning what it means to be mature.) HOWEVER this place feels unfriendly. While a lot of the staff/people I play with I love. esp the EU lot, nice and chill, i find the creepiness, weebyness, open sexualityness and antifemale-ness cough, is majorly off putting. Thats just gaming in general though tbh. Plus lack of upper management actually talking I find seems quite intimidating, considering its a game. This is NOT aimed at anyone in particular, so please don't take it personally. If you DO take it personally well I mean thats your problem 🙂 But then im old, I grew up when the internet wasn't really a thing, so people had to talk face to face. half the ♥♥♥♥ i hear in here i find repulsive and can't understand why people find it funny or entertaining. And im not even a PC person. 🙂 Plus the exploit of players (which most are kids/teens) with the donate store page having the auto tick on will ALWAYS give me a bad impression. (pretty sure its illegal in some places but idk. Its hard to get it off paypal if someone accidentally leaves it ticked.) Plus I hate the cutie club. Like some creepy secret sucking off society. So I am giving stuff away, if i'm not banned for free speech before then 😛 Most of my stuff has been given and called for. So what do i have left to giveaway? Oh none of the above. its all gone or deconned. However I have one items left. Only the most OP item i've ever owned. -drumroll please- Literally should be honoured to own, the most powerful fish in the universe. Gonna give it away tomorrow probably idk, post something nice about someone else to enter. >:) Love most of you, from default female no.27
  15. Meepen pls. https://imgur.com/a/LKTixzd Pls. (get emotes to work on guns very important yes.)
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