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  1. frick projectile talents all my homies hate them +1 though
  2. like someone else said, it would possibly just drop the price of some mutators its better to just re-add them into shop like this suggestion; https://moat.gg/community/topic/51496-mutators-on-the-shop-tab/
  3. Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:157622390 Rank Applying For: Moderator Why do you want to be promoted?: I believe that I am ready to apply to become a moderator on the server. I have been T-Staff for quite some time now; as a staff member I feel like I have learned how to handle situations / issues with players in the most efficient way possible. I think that I have good rep with the community and the staff team, as I am one of the few staff members that are extremely active within the discord - I haven't been disconnected from it ever since I became a staff member; I love joking around with the players of Moat. Whenever I handle a situation in correctly, I do not take it negatively. Instead I try to use it more as a learning experience so I can further improve myself as a staff member to make the community more enjoyable. I'm not afraid to ask questions when necessary. If I get the promotion, when necessary I will ask people such as Zedigy and Zenotix if I ever need help figuring out how to become a better moderator for the community. What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?: If I were to be promoted, I can help newly promoted T-Staff learn on how to properly deal with player reports or with any questions they have. I'm able to handle player reports/complaints on the forums anyday. Like I stated before, I am extremely active in the discord - when a lot of staff aren't. There is a massive lack of engagement from a lot of the staff team when it comes to being active within the community; especially once they get promoted to staff. I believe I can be the type of person who can communicate between the staff team and the community; to help the server become a better place. Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?: Yes How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?: I can fulfill my duties practically every weekday, starting at 5PM EST - but whenever on the weekends.
  4. pay2win 4weird i understand that part, but like you said it's a very small number about 90% of the IC in the economy comes from the mutators that popped out from the pre-wipe and deconning guns
  5. sorry but if you hate yourself over gambling in a game, you need to rethink some of your life choices. your whole life doesnt depend on IC in moat; it's not a real life currency, it shouldn't matter so much to the point where it's causing issues for you. gambling an in game currency is not comparable to gambling actual real life currency; as the in game currency is literally non-existance/holds no significance to what/how much money you have in real life. there is a other ways to earning IC, such as dailies or buying and reselling guns and cosmetics. it's just players refuse to put the effort into doing so - it's fairly easy to do and is a lot less stressful to players adding a limit to IC amounts would end up causing more issues / complaints, zzz.
  6. going by the complaining/ranting issue of your argument lets just remove players then 😄
  7. same but its hard when i have really bad eyesight i do agree with the whole changing radius to how you're looking at it though, i think its really dumb how i can get flashed despite turning around
  8. just close your eyes next time it does no damage to you, plus ts that throw it themselves can also get flashed by it
  9. you ever heard of, snowball talents? no thanks
  10. completely agree with this change more to the healing talent pool + its not a snowball reskin +1 it's a shame you're gae
  11. wacky round wacky round wacky round +1
  12. min

    loud sound t2 talent

    oh all the complaints of not hearing koses that will come with this,,,,,,,
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