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    That PinkCunt ;) (11:48 for my theme song :), 22:53 is also one of my favs on the album :P )
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    All you need to know is that im your family friendly pink cunt pussy ass bitch and I aint afriad to put it in XD

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  1. Too much sauce, Too much sauce, Too much sauce:shitposting:


  2. Pepsi, why you still here? You banned my guy XD
  3. School, kill me pls. :dig:

  4. Usually when the map vote menu appears I'm in the inventory and Ill have to close the vote menu before exiting the inventory, this will make it to where I can still chose the map of my liking. +1
  5. +1 Great and fun ideas, I also really like the idea of gangs on ttt :3
  6. I'm glad to see the server morning in a positive direction. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication moat! The community you and the staff have built here is great and I hope to get involved more and more as we take this journey together. Q: Do you have a religion? or is that question to personal?
  7. +1 Great Idea, people can figure the true worth of their items.
  8. +1 Ive always thought of suggesting that idea, thanks for doing it for me
  9. I like this idea, people make trade offers on the forums a lot and there are people always trying to buy things. This will make it to where if you have it set to where people can view your inventory on the forums they can send you a message or something and can offer for it, Not so sure how we'd implement it tho :/
  10. Which server was this on?: Server #2 In-Game Name of Offending Player: AtomicShockwave Steam ID of Offending Player: STEAM_0:0:83763636 ETA (Estimated Time of Incident): 4:50 pm Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No What Happened: Atomic rdmed me as I was a proven innocent and rdmed a T on his T round. Witnesses: 6BLACK Evidence: [00:35] AtomicShockwave [innocent] has damaged Lord ChinChin [innocent] for 154 (160) HP with weapon_ttt_m590 [00:35] AtomicShockwave [innocent] killed Lord ChinChin [innocent] with weapon_ttt_m590 [01:32] AtomicShockwave [innocent] has damaged Nekromancer [traitor] for 71 (74) HP with weapon_ttt_m590 [01:33] AtomicShockwave [innocent] has damaged Nekromancer [traitor] for 49 (50) HP with weapon_ttt_m590 [01:33] AtomicShockwave [innocent] killed Nekromancer [traitor] with weapon_ttt_m590
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