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    1. Pups


      Ok out of neutral and up to rank 1 again >:) ❤️

  2. wtf ur literally 20 and u still live in ur moms basement? u fuckin loser get off ur pc and get a job. dirty fuckin weeb i bet u smell like cheetos and havent showered in 2 weeks, u fuckin idiot im so superior to u because i actually GET OUT MY HOUSE. stupid nerd go and actually be useful instead of sitting on ur ass all day. unbelievable! 

    1. ekksdee


      draw me more shit

  3. how do u become credible club, and what does it do? also nice profile

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    2. That ain't it, chief

      That ain't it, chief

      i aint gay but 20 ic is 20 ic

    3. Sludge


      @mae so how did you get it then? 🤭

  4. You can actually reroll powerups with stat mutators. 😁 Also here's a megathread where you can post your talent suggestions:
  5. biggest weeb ever



    1. mae


      imma kill u

    2. UncleBee


      ew mae is cowcakes stalking u literally everywhere?

  6. I don't think this is really a problem, it only takes around 5 seconds to empty it out completely if it flows without interruption. What I'd like to see fixed is when it gets blocked, as moving it around with a magneto stick is time consuming (especially for players with a faster playstyle) and just tedious. What I care about more though is that it seems to generally drop the ammo that you don't need. I've had an entire briefcase drop mostly 9mm while all I'm trying to get is SMG, and I've had it drop SMG while needing 9mm. I'm not sure if this is intended and if it can somehow recognize the ammo you're in need of by the weapon you have out, but it's really annoying as I can go through 15 clicks before I actually get what I need (or it just doesn't drop at all). I'm not sure how it works with different variants of weapons as I've been using a deagle as a secondary for awhile, mixed with an AK47/MAC10/P90 (all SMG ammo weapons), but when I sometimes switch to a weapon with 9mm, the briefcase suddenly decides to shower me with SMG ammo. And the fact that there's no deagle ammo in it.
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