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  1. This is happening to me too did you ever find a fix

    1. Gaungy


      Hell fuckin yeh

  3. If its a small map you begin to shoot & after 1 bullet and will have swarms of people up your ♥♥♥ it's cancer. Also you have those people who BHOP + Marathon Runner at some outrageous speed making it so hard to kill them without something like a pigeon. Not to mention you obliterate my ♥♥♥ hole at any speed.
  4. +1 Crab / Super Speed / No Friction can make your t round extremely frustrating and practically useless
  5. Yea when did the server first open
  6. Would you have used him as an example if he was White Jesus?
  7. You are literally the #1 reason I made this post. Also while where on the topic, do these words/terms mean anything to you: Semi - Automatic Fully - Automatic Bolt - Action Three Round Burst I highly doubt it. Just wondering though.
  8. I feel this gun is by far the most broken shotgun of them all. Where it lacks in magazine size it certainly makes up for in damage and range. Tonight alone I have been 1 shot with this weapon, while on full health, more times than I can remember, sometimes from outrageous distances. I really think this gun needs a range reduction. I guess I was online at a time with some creative, fun, skilled, talented, and fair players, as almost every round I was innocent people wielding this weapon would 1 shot me from behind/infront/the side, with their distance away varying from close to sometimes 15-20 feet. There was not a single time in which I was not killed instantly from the first shot. In all honesty. I find this hard to believe myself lol. This gun gives you 0 time to react to the situation going on around you. Comparing it to something like the XM; yes, the xm is auto, but at a range majority of the pellets will miss. Even the xm sometimes gets people down to hurt/wounded/etc when you shoot them with it at point blank. It really does seem as if the pellets in the DB travel as one. A DB monster with a good center mass / fracture talent will be the death of this server, let alone the community (not really, but this gun is cancerous, seriously)
  9. What Ruastin said, as there is rarely ever enough staff members/CC on at the same time to have a proper sized lobby. Plus, VIP's have to have some sort of access that unranked players do
  10. Like many games already have (CS:GO, BO3, etc.) make it so you can have an accessory on your gun that you can see in game displaying the amount of rightful kills you've achieved with that weapon. Maybe even a feature that (while in the inventory viewing a weapon) shows the amount of rightful innocent, traitor, and detective kills when you hold down a key (shift). Would be nice to track your progress with your favourite guns. Obviously not every weapon should have this, possibly add to an existing/new crate. It could be ascended/high end and if you have one in your inventory right clicking a weapon would reveal an "Apply Kill Counter?" option.
  11. Which server was this on?: TTT Server 1In-Game Name of Offending Player: Dijon SandersSteam ID of Offending Player: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982323234ETA (Estimated Time of Incident): 4:45 PM ESTWere there any staff members online? If yes, who?: NoneWhat Happened: The round prior a traitor began to fire in the spawn room on the map. As I was strafing/shooting the t, dijon walked directly into my line of fire and I ended up mowing him down. I told him in voice chat it was crossfire and apologized. The next round he comes up to me 10 seconds following the start of a new round and blatantly revenge rdm's me.Witnesses: No one that I am aware ofEvidence: Logs: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952095657 Me asking him why he killed me and getting no response: ttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952096124 Death scene showing I was crouched in a corner doing nothing as he comes up to me and shoots me in the head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz_BC1DA4xQ
  12. This is unnecessary, only rightful kills should reward XP.
  13. Bunny hopping is unnessicary and so many newer players arent aware of the moat bhop command (I discovered it after 15 days of playtime lol) which puts them at a disadvantage over the rest of us, +1.
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