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  1. Bad luck protection kills economy, having it in will diminish the cost and unique nature of the weapons. generally as a rule, if you are gifting the populous the cost will go down. Id say every 25 levels you look at the ascended crate idea, other than that it will do nothing but damage the eco. and in turn make the market less fun to navigate.
  2. Your In-Game Name: Little-Bo-Lax Your Steam ID: 76561198053338465 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #2 Staff Member that Banned You: Console Ban Reason: "cheating" Ban Length: Permanently. Did you break any rules?: No What Happened: I have been playing for hours, and all of a sudden I got a "cheating perma ban, I have not done anything of the sort and find this incredibly heartbreaking as I have been looking to become a VIP in the coming days, I also, have donated already, and had intense lag spikes the round before the ban, I was T and knifed someone and was sliding around the map... I have spent loads of time on the servers in the past two weeks and can't really think of a better time I have had, I need to speak to someone ASAP about this because I have done absolutely nothing wrong. Programs I have running during Gmod include the following: Twitch App for my Addons. on World Of Warcraft, Overwolf for FPS detection. Discord for trade chat of MOAT and Teamspeak3 for speaking with my friends attached to a RP server I play on. I hope for a quick resolution to this issue or atleast a conversation with those I was playing with as this is a completely absurd claim and have no idea what would be the cause for this. Extra note: we were playing during a "Wacky Round" where you slide, and during my time on my previously mentioned RP server I have a bind that allows me to move slower, to be precise in the line ups that I have to attend. I used the bind that utilizes the in-game console to move exact inches rather than a crouching to stand in a straight line (a bad thing on the RP server) during the round to move slower and not fall off the platforms. This could be where the infraction occurred. I hope this additional info may help in the process of looking into it. Witnesses: Fdgodthepro Have you read over our rules?: Yes, I'd like to think that I have very little infractions with players on the server. Do you regret doing what you did?: I don't believe that I have conducted myself in a bad manner, however I do regret the use of the bind if that is the cause for this "Cheating" ban. Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Well yes, if the bind breaks the ToS and was the cause for the issue. then I will disable the bind.
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