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    New Crate

    I would agree, but I was thinking if it also drops cosmics and planetaries then the price would need to be super inflated to deal with them. And of course we cannot have people making good financial decisions when crates are involved.

    New Crate

    I had a really wonderful idea that will almost certainly be received with countless dislikes and harsh comments I will doubtlessly agree with. Lets get a new crate for the very small minority of players that would rather unbox a gun than buy one. Let’s make it extortionately expensive (150k sort of expensive) and have a guaranteed ascended+ drop. I can’t wait to hear your merciless criticism.
  3. What about my bootiful mac, named “full auto sniper”
  4. There is a complete list of rules on the forums, it could be as simple as linking the page in the MOTD
  5. I agree with the other comment, the addon just to do some basic math is unnecessary. however, it would be very useful to know if a T has left the server. It leads to confusion when there are only a few people left alive and they try using process of elimination to shoot someone, only to find out that the traitor wasn’t in the game and they just RDMed an inno.
  6. That would be cool if those power ups were useful
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