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  1. your files are more than likely corrupted for the moat servers best to remove all data related to moat and reinstall the texture packs and what not from the work shop then let the server do the rest
  2. not to mention ever think those are ones that were before the nerf? rapids were always the poor mans acend stop with the nerf it because i dont like it. yall made them useless for ♥♥♥ knows how long
  3. i dont beg. sorry to see you go wish you well on your endeavors
  4. Player has failed to respond after reviewing the evidence Orf will be recieving a warning for map exploiting Locked And Archived
  5. After reviewing the evidence this is not enough to claim purp rdm you were hit once there is also no evidence that they were ghosting as for your death you did kill a detective no punishment will be given Locked And Archived
  6. when its like that take the orginals and trade them to a staff member and let them know to trade back once you are able to open your inventory again send the staff member a trade so he can send them back because whats happening is what i call a mirror effect it happened with a few people they are not legit weapons just that its a dupe of its position not the item its self once you do the trade you will notice the dupes are not in your inventory anymore
  7. i think you just have a vendetta against the staff team more than the rule its self at this point. in which is where i will call this quits because its like speaking to a brick wall everything is tracked including warns and trust me when i say Senior+ will not accept anything if its not acceptable and a warning hasnt been givin directly not in PA
  8. ok again this was under the old way of it being said.. if you get banned make an appeal and make a staff complaint against the staff member if the do not warn you or ban you without reason. this was a problem then it never really got done anyone that did was unbanned and trust me it was no picnic for staff when they made such a mistake you can ask any of the old staff members. we are not simply out to ban people just make it a better place to relax unwind without judgement and anxiety of being bullied when we want to play
  9. at the end of the day i think the problem is you seem to think staff is out to ban you constantly if you sat and decided not to read and think we are out to get you also im sorry if you are offended by it how ever you are trying to speak for everyone thinking staff is going to ban you for a slip of the tongue instantly and perm.. we will warn we will continue to try to keep it a less hateful place under no circumstances are we going to ban right off the bat... it was litteraly reworded so people understand its about the CONTEXT in which its used against a person not anything else.. also if you have a problem with it then you do it your way it was brought back because people dont want to deal with it at the end of the day we have to also deal with it as well ever stop to think about that? we cant just block messages or anything we also have to deal with it because its our job to make sure everyone is treated fairly even if we are getting thrown under the bus constantly this was for everyone to stop the bullying plain and simple im sorry if you cannot see this
  10. you know you sound like you were around when i was.. let me tell yah something i been around since the first disc game was made i was playing video games when they were on floopy disks. they were created to reduce stress and create entertainment if your version of stress reducing and entertainment is being a big boy on the internet then you have your priority's messed up m8... games were created for fun.. im pretty sure the creaters of games would look at what video games and voip are today and want to remove it all together because of the abuse that comes from it.. because hateful conduct has been made into an anti bully rule you want to remove it.. your logic is not sound enough for you to justify what you are speaking.. people say stop all the time does it stop no so the rule is here under new terms to help stop it
  11. then you werent around the times i was around when it was bad some days it was meh some days it was horrible. problem is people seem to think its taking away their freedom of speech however its not e-bullying is not ok in anyway shape or form anyone that thinks so is clearly not thinking with common sense or is not a good human being in general and need to re-evaluate their decisions and life. i was once a bully in school till i saw the damage it could cause i made good with all of them because of how much damage was caused i protected them in any way i could.. what some think maybe harmless can be quite harmful even to people that have disablitys
  12. Free Speech can still be used just not in the way you seem to think it works.. hateful conduct is for using it in context against one person in a mean/rude way at which point do you think while it was removed that the community was perfectly fine? because in my experience it was worse than xbox live and that was pretty bad by itself now that you see what i have explained i would invite you to read over what the hateful conduct is now because it is not the same as it was before.
  13. Reported player has been added on steam and will now have 24 hours to respond
  14. After reviewing the evidence the reported player will be banned for 4 days Attempted RDM x2 2nd Off This thread will be locked and moved to ban requests
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