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  1. https://imgur.com/a/6YiPcDH c/o 200k pm me in discord for faster response.
  2. BUYING SG552 Sombrero <= must have SELLING https://imgur.com/a/yHpfZsS https://imgur.com/a/v9yUIEE https://imgur.com/a/qVBhJby https://imgur.com/a/u9STZOT https://imgur.com/a/7VpYUvp
  3. I got one with cm and inferno will post when i get on.
  4. ah balls forgot to update this , only thing left is the tommygun
  5. it is its actually kinda fun like a machine gun with a big mag, pretty much a M16 with alot of ammo
  6. THATS RIGHT MUTATORS NOW GET EM WHILE I GOT EM x2 25k 25K buyin cosmic talent mutator as well pm me in discord or here ploz les do it boiiies
  7. So title explains it. Looking for a cosmic (preferably) or ascended mac10 Ooor even more prefered MachitoP5 They need to atleast have a real nice Frost/TESLA/DRAGONBORN or Contagion. Also some good accuracy can care less about weight or kick. Post it here or hit me on Discord eh. {slot74} 25K pm me
  8. Bump. Gun still up havent heard back from em yet.
  9. hit me up on discord or steam my names are the same. Can trade when i get on later today
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