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  1. I see the point of trying to combat the DPS meta that we have right now. But if you think about it, it only really pushes down weapons like Snipers and Shotguns. And with ❤❤❤ault rifles it will only make a difference of about 1 or 2 shots in most cases. Contain is an interesting one, nerfing the amount someone can heal is nice but also when it comes to things like medicality melees and traitor baiting some serious issues could pop up.
  2. For the exact same reason most bullet hoses that have high RPM are effective at any range in this server, for the sake of balance. Clearing a server with a ♥♥♥ rolled M4A1 is much easier than with a ♥♥♥ rolled slog. Yes getting 100-0'd in a single shot is ♥♥♥♥♥♥, but it's not unfair given how it can't clear groups of people before they can react like some weapons can.
  3. The slog is designed to be a more accurate shotgun that uses slugs. So why on earth would you change it to not be as such? Compared to bullet hoses that can clear entire servers this weapon is extremely tame given its limited rate of fire and clip.
  4. Giving a weapon (which already exists at base) innate penetration removes any need for the talent. Which already makes it a huge -1 If you want a new weapon, suggest something fun and unique, not something designed to be meta and a straight improvement of the base pistol.
  5. The amount of thought that had to go into suggesting this is enough to be considered a new form of art. memes aside, -1 proxy mines have an arming time and self damage. And while I am aware that you can negate this by shooting the mine it still has counterplay. You can also only use one of them. Just because you are the poor unfortunate soul that got killed through a wall does not make something overpowered. Especially when you compare things like Chicken HP to it (35 extra HP for 1 credit ON TOP of body armor).
  6. The main problem I have with adding this as it is yet another bullet hose. It doesn't bring anything unique to the table other than the look. Maybe if it was the Scar Heavy DMR with an added scope but other than that I see no reason for it to be added. Just a bit of constructive feedback.
  7. With the addition of the !comp command it would be nice to see if work is actually getting done on the comps. Just like the bans and /todo list. Add a compensation list of approved/denied compensation apps.
  8. RyanH

    Suggestion bank

    As much of an addication as gambling is, it's a lot simpler to just set a budget for yourself. You shouldn't really have to rely on a system to control your own IC.
  9. Bullet hoses will ALWAYS have more DPS than shotguns in this server. So unless you are looking to buff them to the point where they deal with multiple people easily at once I don't see this happening.
  10. Suggested before, denied before.
  11. Jester really shouldn't end the round on death. They need to change the way it works if moat wants to implement something unique like this. It's a cool concept but as it stands the Jester can end rounds way too fast.
  12. I wouldn't have as much of a problem with this if I didn't spend a considerate amount of money rolling one of my weapons just for it to get deleted a week later by a security hole. Not to mention nothing I have after the wipe comes even close to it or will ever come as close. It really killed my motivation to play and my trust in the server. This was even rolled before december 7th Also as a sidenote I have quite a few other weapons that were not affected by the bug. However I could care less about them, this aug is actually the only thing I care about and would rather have refunded rather than my entire collection which included a christmas frag, nearly perfectly rolled meme CZ, and perfectly rolled meme revolver among several other weapons
  13. Unfortunately have to agree. Very rare that I join a server and some people aren't arguing about some form of RDM occuring.
  14. Requesting thread lock as it looks like Cole already took a look at this Nvm suggestion was approved POGGERS
  15. NTG had something similar to this. Nobody ended up using it because in the end it just was not worth the HP sacrifice no matter how you spun it. Especially with HP increase giving somebody that much more health than you, you're more apt to lose fights than win them with a powerup like this.
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