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  1. or limited mobility since harpoons are one hit
  2. or a limited number of ammo and a decent spread
  3. As for hitman, I believe he should start out with a radar to make finding targets easier. It is already hard enough to kill without being seen as you can do little to defend yourself, so a radar to speed up the process might help and involve them more. Can't tell you how many times I would get close to my target only to have another T kill him and have to start my search all over again.
  4. Or, instead of the person being called out in chat, I find that too op, how about whoever kills him is illuminated on the map for everyone similar to radar pings for about 30 seconds (with the radar updating when they move. Requires anyone who kills him to keep moving since everyone will already be heading over there.
  5. How about a model like a spitter zombie, like make him special. Even with a buff to health, would still be hard for someone to get close. Basically most L4D2 specials with exception to hunter and jockey would be nice
  6. Agreeing for the meme of it, or counterargument, egg gun that shoots exploding chickens, that way it is dangerous to the t as well. Plus, KFC FOR EVERYONE
  7. Slight adjustment. Say you have a three talent weapon: (may have read your idea wrong to myself, so bear with me) Centermass 17.1% meticulous 16% Phoenix 6% for 3 damage (or whatever) After reroll: Centermass 17.1% meticulous (talent that was rerolled at random): 13% Phoenix (still the same, just lazy and don't want to type it out) Is this what you were getting at?
  8. Im sure we have all noticed this and had this issue: You get a weapon or talent roll new talents into talents you really enjoy! However, the percentages of the talents suck major carrot. A new token one could get, same way you would normally get a stat mutator or talent mutator, would be a Talent Modifier. With this token, it rerolls the percentages of the talents on a current weapon, either for better or worse.
  9. Does that means donation funds will be going to Jerry primarily and he will then give Moat a salary
  10. Nekk

    Crate Buying

    I noticed one thing that has been lagging servers. Given that crates can only be bought in increments of five, if people are spam buying so they could do a mass unboxing, it slows many people down, even causing some people to crash.
  11. If that were to be the case, it would still be broken. Imagine a huge firefight in a confined area, all it takes is one T who isn't directly in it to throw an explosive. Since t buddies don't get hurt by other t explosions, it would be overpowered as everyone else in the room is destroyed and they basically get healed up to full. I believe the healing factors that are already in place are substantial enough
  12. I agree, sometimes my mic gets cut off when im explaining a situation or making call outs, which can lead to rdm
  13. Nekk

    What happened?

    So many of the forums, upon checking this morning, are completely gone. Including item/SC compensation tickets? What about those of us who had mass quantities missing? I had about 80k worth that didn't get refunded, and if the report doesn't get handled, that is basically stealing. That is a loss of quite a bit of money.....can i please get answers as to what will happen, just seem quite unprofessional.
  14. I get where your dismay is coming from, but that just means creating new strategies to take them down. I personally make mental notes of some people's primaries and the best way to take them out. Before wipe, I ran a HE sniper, even on small maps. sure it wasn't the best, but I knew how to use it, making it better than some people with planetaries. Anyone can spray and pray, but using the gun to advance yourself requires practice.
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