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  1. The reported player (@Bean Curd) will have 1 week to trade @Yeahjah 57500 IC (50k + 15% interest) Or face a permanent ban for scamming without tradeback.
  2. Since no trade actually happend, we cant punish for scamming, i also looked through his tradelogs and none of his trades stand out as scamming. Locked and archived.
  3. The reported player is already permanently banned for mass rdm. Locked and archived.
  4. Duplicate report. https://moat.gg/community/topic/45677-dietwater-moatggpurposeful-rdm Locked and archived.
  5. Without any evidence no punishment can be given, please collect evidence (screenshots of damagelogs/recordings of deathscenes/voice callouts for future reports) Locked and archived.
  6. Copy pasted console/chat/damage log is not valid evidence, please provide screenshots of the damage logs within 24 hours or this complaint will be archived due to a lack of evidence.
  7. If you cant gather any evidence, there is no point in making a report, we cant do anything. Locked and archived.
  8. @swoogy Please respond to this complaint made against you within 24 hours.
  9. Cropped screenshots is not considered valid evidence, since you could have easily cropped out the reported player getting attacked. Please provide the uncropped screenshots within 24 hours. @Dani :)
  10. The only thing this shows is somone named "hero" got 10k in a trade, thats not evidence for me to do anything at all. Locked and archived.
  11. Alt evasion is a permanent ban for all accounts involved. Denied.
  12. Many of the votekicks started happend in the middle of an ongoing round, this is against the votekicking rules, and since the reported player has already recived a warning for votekick abuse his votekicking perms will be removed. Votekickban Completed. Locked and archived.
  13. Based on the 10th being Bestie's first day as staff, mistakes are bound to happen, and i dont feel any punishment is nessacary, i have spoken to Bestie and he had never encountered a false report before this one. He understands what he did wrong, and how it should have been handled, due to this i am sure this issue wont arise again in the future. When it comes to "size of this lad", based on his playtime i assume when this incident happened he was very new, and some leniancy was shown when it came to his punishment. (he was given a slay for accidental RDM due to him most likely not knowing the rules) Locked and archived.
  14. After carefully examinating the video provided as evidence, i dont see any point in the video where you actually witness Sean kill anyone, you were either fully turned around, or just saw him shooting. Since no futher evidence can be provided there will be no punishments for Bestie in this case. Locked and archived.
  15. You must wait 1 week after being denied before appealing again, it has been 27,5 hours since you were last denied. Denied.