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  1. There is already a complaint about the metagame thing: https://moat.gg/community/topic/47544-our-free-birdother-ttt-violation Making more complaints doesnt help anyone. It will be looked into on that other report. If you have any other issues with the behaviour of the staff members, please provide evidence of such misconduct and make a complaint dedicated to that. Locked and archived.
  2. You cant claim tester, you have to warn people who enter your claimed room. ban expired.
  3. You were slain for another report, do you happen to have that deatscene recorded? Please respond/edit with what happend in that report within 24 hours.
  4. Dont run commands you dont understand. Unbanned.
  5. No futher evidence has been provided. Locked and archived.
  6. Dont t-bait, dont get shot/warned for t baiting. Locked and archived.
  7. Was resolved by the reported party and the reporting party. Locked and archived
  8. You had previously been banned, stated you read the rules and would follow them if you were ever unbanned. You killed people of sus, blatently over and over again. Locked and archived.
  9. The ban has been expunged from your record, i do agree that its not purposeful rdm, and saying "Death is a traitor" is techically a kos, if he then says no kos after you shot him, thats a bit late. This was spartan's second day as staff, and due to this report distracting him the others slipped by. He has recived a warning for this and if something similiar happens in the future more serious punishments will be handed out. Locked and archived.
  10. This shouldnt have been a ban, apologies for the inconvience. Unbanned.
  11. Im going to reduce your ban to 7 hours, meaning you will only have to serve 24 out of the original 48 hours, Killing of sus is not allowed, responding like you did makes it sound like you dont care about the ban/the rules. Ban reduced.
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