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  1. Run: Moat_chat in console! @NCG | G tj.fox Please respond/react to this message so I can archive it when you have fixed it
  2. This shouldnt have been a ban, apologies for the inconvience. Unbanned.
  3. Im going to reduce your ban to 7 hours, meaning you will only have to serve 24 out of the original 48 hours, Killing of sus is not allowed, responding like you did makes it sound like you dont care about the ban/the rules. Ban reduced.
  4. Please dont leave the server after killing people. Wait for report/contact from the staff member. Unbanned.
  5. Purposeful rdm is a ban, dont rdm. dont get banned its that simple. Denied.
  6. Dont mass rdm, dont get banned. You killed wendy twice within the first 5 seconds of the round, and the player who reported you on the forum once as soon as the round started, all in the same day. Mass rdm = 3 kills = Permanent ban.
  7. The video and shotlogs proves he didnt shoot. Dont lie, dont get banned. Denied.
  8. It wasnt a molotov, you were banned for throwing a discombobulator that killed 3 people because you were "bored" Denied.
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