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  1. wildmonkei


    The amount of people that could staff the servers for enough time to be considered full time, is extremly low. Thats what i meant by that. The people who are staff are volunteers who put in as much time as they can. Which for an unpaid, underappricated and often frowned upon role is quite generous of the staff members.
  2. wildmonkei


    People don't leave feedback on applications as much as they used to. I can't know who I should accept without the help of players who interact with them.
  3. wildmonkei


    People who are off the server for that amount of time is on LOA, meaning they at are away for a reason. The staff team is consistent of people who are willing to give the time they can to help people. If we only accepted people who can staff full time, there would never be staff on. We don't get paid. Im in charge of promoting new trial staff, and the amount of people who have the knowledge and personality to be staff has decreased alot due to all the drama this server has been through towards the end of the last year and this year.
  4. when will the unban happen because i was going to buy vip

    1. wildmonkei


      Apparantly our off the game command system is having issues. I'll unban you when I get home in a few hours.

      My apologies for the delay

  5. Im not sure how this means he placed the turret, there is an entire hallway, and another room where there could have been a traitor. Saying he was the only person who could have placed it doesnt make much sense when you didnt check the area, and even if you did, the windows work as exits, meaning somone could have escaped after placing it. Denied.
  6. what are the ways to become a staff member

  7. "Alt evasion is a permanent ban for all accounts involved." Denied.
  8. Anyone caught talking about their unban request TO ANYONE (including staff), spreading the link to it, or asking others to comment on it will be automatically denied. Denied. (a friend request was sent, then retracted when you didnt accept it)
  9. You have 1 week of playtime. You didnt ask either of them to test, so claiming these kills were for not testing is a bit of a stretch isnt it. In the first video, you just blasts him, for what? he was walking towards the tester. The 2nd video, he is just standing outside the door and you cap him the instant the door opens. You cant just be guessing and murdering everyone who doesnt do exactly what you want them to. Denied.
  10. 2 weeks of playtime, blatantly kosing of sus. Read the rules and follow them or you will end up permanently banned soon. Denied.
  11. Lying doesnt get you far. Denied.
  12. Duplicate of https://moat.gg/community/topic/47476-appealtttjussaim
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