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  1. gotta try to get near perfect swift on dual huges to MAXIMIZE PAIN that is, if moat fixes ammo horder reeeeeee
  2. a grenade launcher would be easier to make and more useful considering some maps arent open enough, but if it is going to be a mortar i think it should be used like the mortar from battlefield 1, that one also could use both frags and smokes. mortar would be disabed on maps like clue or enclosed maps, which is why i also thought about having both a grenade launcher and a mortar. so when theres a open map like avalon the mortar is enabled but the grenade launcher is not, but when its a small map its vice versa.
  3. what if there was a traitor weapon thats a grenade launcher, that launches grenades but only for traitors? like, it can shoot smokes, discombobs, molotovs and frags in far ranges. this can be really good as a traitor, its like a tactical advantage, smoke off viewpoints, molotov/frag small and populated areas. shoot a discombob on the map rooftops to make people fall, and so much more possibilities. of course, not infinite amount of grenades. you can have: 3 smokes 2 discombobs 1 molotov 1 frag (these can be changed in the future) controls: LMB - fire the grenade launcher RMB - switch grenades (while switching the grenades it will show text for you in chat which grenade you have selected) this is also a great way to use frags instead of having to buy them from people for like 100k+ i think this might be a great advantage for the traitors. although it shouldnt be introduced into all the servers right off, it of course needs to be tested. perhaps ttt mc 6 or ttc? this might be a really nice addition to moat and not just having to carry 1 grenade that you found on the map or from your inventory everytime. people who helped with this idea: sir insanity kelpo I MIGHT update this so it looks nicer or to add additions or edits to it later on but for now this is it
  4. not possible to not take any dmg even with perfect flame reta*d ant because if the explosion happens literally next to you you would atleast get to 50 or less hp
  5. post from 2018, people are kosing off association and staff are fine with it
  6. but.... thats kos off association that ♥♥♥♥ is kos bro
  7. the point of the gadgets is to make the traitors more powerful than innocents and detectives. as if you're gonna kill the entire server with no armor and no gadgets its 1-4 traitors against ♥♥♥ knows how much innocents and maybe like 1-2 detectives. of course you need something powerful to take down as much innocents as possible
  8. give the traitors a better gun then
  9. sadly only 1 of the moat.gg tutorial videos by eagle is public and unedited
  10. merci shibe

    fatigue (t3)

    but you put getting shot, so does is activate by hitting the enemy or being shot by an enemy
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