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  1. You were being annoying, I unbanned you
  2. Think you know a map that'd fit well on the server? Make sure to reply with your suggestions and we might add it if it's good! ❤️ Please make sure your reply includes: A link to the map's workshop page Whether it should be a Minecraft server map, or a normal server map Picture(s) of the map The reason on why you'd want this map to be on the server, let us know! Feel free to reply to discuss other people's suggestions, but please keep it on topic.
  3. Are you asking for versus to be 50/50? Because it already is
  4. Yes i already said I'm working on changing the rewards lol
  5. You earn more IC by levelling guns rather than doing bounties. When bounties first came out the idea was that you would have a couple of different challenges every day that you could try to do. With 30 servers this devolved into "Free ic from marathon runner", which was never intentiinal, but it was caused by the 78 daily bounties. Which seems to be the thing you're complaining about. There are faster ways to make ic I am working on rebalancing the rewards and actual challenges ATM however
  6. This is a bad fix since people that want to earn more have to wait for more bounties. This would fix it for the players that don't have time to complete as many bounties, but would make people mad since they now have an arbitrary cap on what they can do per day. If you want to reduce the amount of IC rewarded, it would work. But it's more than that
  7. It seems that everyone has an opinion about bounties and how to fix them or what to do, I wanted to make this thread to listen to everyone's feedback. To "fix" bounties,a couple of things need to be achieved, players need to have a way to earn IC and it must be linked to game play without encouraging meta gaming. Also, I'm not saying anything will be done yet, this is just for discussion lol. The current issue: People think that bounties makes the economy "inflated" This could be an underlying issue with the price check system where people can't actually adjust their prices based on the economy, causing them to mis-price items and making everyone else freak out because they demand such a high price. Bounties reward people that play 24/7 exponentially compared to people that don't have as much time to play (School, work, etc.) This is inherent with the way the bounties system works since there's 70+ bounties that people can complete and they each take a different amount of time People not having enough time to play also means that it would be harder for them to earn IC "quickly" if bounties were gone If there was a new system, it would need to fix all of these. It would ideally be a system that rewards people on the amount of time that they play, but that doesn't do it in an exponential way. If you're planning on replying please keep it to constructive discussion only.
  8. No There's too many of these types with rolling random talents already
  9. Dad moat.gg (NO AUDIO) ̴̍͗ (STEAM_0:0:112471651) said in global gamble: Hope you're dox proof. GL
  10. Seems interesting, but what wouldn't chain explosions be op to find out who player barrels are? -nvm i misread it lol, would you take damage when you don't shoot player barrels but the duds?
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