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  1. "also would supply a huge more buy in valentines crates"🤡
  2. It's super broken, numerous times have I looked DEAD AT someone and had it say "nobOdy is A TraiTOr"
  3. Staff are abusive but I bet you were banned for a reason, that is another can of worms though, we get it's hard to have rules for so many different scenarios and that's where rules blend and the staff needs good judgement to decide who to punish , problem is it's mostly 13 year olds wit no life experience and when they do get on for an hour at most a week they make the server hell.
  4. In-Game Name of Offender Fat Medibirb Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:103317109 Date of Incident 02/19/2020 Report Type Scams, fraud, or illicit activity Your Discord ID Bad Man 🦇#6757 Description Shot near me three times with a DB and then said "just testing" I killed him and he reported me and then killed me. Both Inno BTW Evidence https://imgur.com/a/lzU4Ff5 Attachments
  5. apparently not for the tard T buddies I always ended up with
  6. No, it just led to people jumping under a stair for the entire round leading to delay, not fun, and honestly frustrating.
  7. When the community interacts it's just a bunch of monkey's trying to fight over a peanut so I don't know why he would think that
  8. Just make a community market where you can set a price or start auctions
  9. In-Game Name of Offender BestieJr. Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:201924087 Date of Incident 02/17/2020 Report Type Scams, fraud, or illicit activity Your Discord ID Bad Man 🦇#6757 Description I saw Sean Moat.gg clearly kill 2 people and he reported me for it, I was slain. the next round I was a T and was RDMd off of sus/location by chippy , my report was dismissed, he said I was killed rightfully and to stop false reporting even though this was my second report and the other was rightful. Evidence Attachments
  10. Although I am not opposed to your idea , I was hoping this would be free, there is no real reason to make this a paid item.
  11. If someone holds a cleaver it looks ALOT like T knife which a trigger happy player will gladly kill you for before making sure it is a knife
  12. So basically you can just place a bunch of items in a folder maybe rare guns , or emotes , or cosmetics to get rid of inventory clutter.
  13. an option so that When you get Detective or T a pop up will appear telling you if you have an uncomplete daily that applies for that round such as place a health station, use credits, or get knife kills.
  14. Crimson_SDG


    I agree but get rid of that awful image