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  1. i think you underestimate how easy it is to get to level 50 especially with moats current condition. maybe level 80-90 for a random ascended. not level 50
  2. buff proxy usage to 2 per round, door busters are pretty much useless since they dont work on t doors or d doors proxys kill if they dont have flame retardant, so be creative with chicken eggs, as they are like proxys, just less potent. remember, its the T's job to flow the game, not the dets or innos.
  3. this is like, exactly why you shouldnt become staff. we already give enough customization with stats and talents. just because YOU think its a good idea, doesnt mean you discredit others opinions and viewpoints about why they disagree with you.
  4. "billions of ic" lmaooo it shouldnt be easy or even remotely set up to get an op gun> you shouldnt be able to fully customize your gun.
  5. only on low pop servers can you r un out guns blazing and kill everyone. high pop servers, you have no choice but to camp in a room and hope for thebest. you've been here since january, youve obviously havent had enough experience as a boss and against bosses to make a good opinion on what the boss should and shouldnt do.
  6. im not saying i disagree with you either but im just saying that its not worth fixing until next year or so with the amount of bugs that Moat has. Moat's on one of those breaks where he will be gone for a long time and then release 4-5 new updates, we don't need one of those updates to be fixing a typo.
  7. medium on the priority list but definitely needed
  8. it's more accurate than the radio binds imo. as long as your crosshair is actually on the person (which it should be) {target} will activate. if you still have a problem with it, make a bind that makes a radio bind AND a target bind to increase the chances of {target} proccing.
  9. this decreases the enjoyment DRASTICALLY, we should increase the voice bat time and increase the recovery time
  10. there are some people who just shouldnt be allowed to comment
  11. the m14a1 is literally regarded as the worst base gun on moat, it should become a 1 shot headshot automatically OR accuracy that rivals the bwf
  12. like others have said, there are FAR better priorities that we should focus rather than this. This isnt even quality of life this is just a typo. we need to focus on more important things such as removing mic battery, reverting talent names, balancing guns, reducing fps issues, etc.
  13. this has been suggested atleast 5 times before you. the basic gist of why this is a bad idea is that it seperates the already shrunken community. if all low levels were just playing together there would be no one to teach them how to play besides staff, and because of a shortage of staff, we cant have 10 or so moat servers with just low levels. low levels learn MOSTLY from the highlevels teaching them what to do.
  14. idk if we can actually do this, but what if we change the map's base time depending on the size of the map? Maybe we c an make mc motel 3:00 with an additional time of 10 seconds. and mc dolls can be like 5 minutes?
  15. people spend REAL money on event rounds, slaying them on event rounds is wasting their money and NOT allowed. most new staff ive seen dont know this rule and type "delay = slay" when the boss is trying to take his time strategize. literally look at all the other replies to this post because all has been said.
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