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  1. D I S C O M B O B U L A T E
  2. Let's take Pluto's form of nerfing crouch jump for example. Yes, it's very effective, but in my opinion it limits movement. 100% it needs to be fixed (without restricting movement)
  3. Make HP Bloom an ascended power up and replace all the current HP blooms with something. HP bloom is on the same level as Hard Hat but its 10x more available.
  4. hauhamhahmahmahmamhamhmama, how about we give some items an actual rarity. make every ascended extinct but keep cosmics and above.
  5. It's an if. I've heard multiple STAFF say its "confirmed" so this is just an incase. We can't just let moat screw up the server like last time. Edit: I don't believe Moat's gonna code a new event. He literally reskinned valentines crates and an old halloween accessory and called it Cinco De Mayo crates.
  6. Make EVERY item in summer climb an extinct. This way, they can still be mutated without ruining the mutator economy like last time. This will also raise the prices of planetary mutators and fix our current economy. Edit: We can keep cosmic and planetary tier items, but we have to keep ascendeds extinct. We don't want a complete economy crash but we also want a sense of progression.
  7. urrrrrgghhhhhhghhhhhhhhh, still seems a little winkwonk to me. why have the talent when you can have hp bloom
  8. the reason why they bootifuls used to cost less than planetaries was their novelty and rerollability. Now, bootifuls can be rerolled now, and they're pretty much on the same level. a reload/draw stat to distinguish the two would be nice.
  9. seems like a QoL idea. definitely on the bottom of the agenda
  10. I didn't say they were. However, I never liked the idea of extinct planetaries that are much easier to roll. I'd say that if they weren't to have a draw/reload stat, it would be a good distinction from bootifuls and planetaries, especially now that bootifuls can be rerolled.
  11. But HP bloom and Enrage can be used in unison, correct?
  12. id say no, it'd be agood distinction between the two tiers
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