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  1. idk what you mean personally, i didnt misspell devalued. ok buckaroo
  2. i agree and disagree. yes the ammo thing was fun and cool but it devalued almost all the ammo-based talents.
  3. Alright, remember that it should be a gameplay setting, but I see your point.
  4. As someone who sometimes crouch-jumps, it has to go. it's not even fun anymore to try and go against sweats because they'll crouch into the ceiling. It's too dominant of a mechanic.
  5. This is for anyone who actually uses the scoreboard tags like me. This would be a gameplay setting/option. This would work in junction with radio commands. Anybody who is called suspect by the radio binds will automatically be marked as suspect in the scoreboard by the game. This will also use keywords. For example, if a player's name and a certain phrase is used in the same text, the annotation will trigger. If I use "Zedigy" and "sus" in the same text, Zedigy will be marked as SUSPECT in the scoreboard. More examples include, "high sus Zedigy", Zedigy will be marked as AVOID by the game. Zedigy is called out as a traitor by the radio binds, Zedigy will be marked as KILL by the game. Zedigy is called out as an innocent by radio binds, Zedigy will be marked as FRIEND by the game. This option will give more weight to the radio binds and will make the players much more attentive. EDIT: remember that this should be a gameplay toggle setting only for the player to see themselves.
  6. it's still in map rotation, but for some reason it's unboostable, like 67th way.
  7. doesn't matter if you like the map or not, its popular amongst most people who play on mc servers. yes for motel.
  8. @Ice33 This is the time for you.
  9. ...at the cost they cant reload or drop their gun for the round.
  10. this would be one of the worst talents.. what if we were to make it so that all RADIO and messages with the player's username are wiped completely. Let's change it to a 40-50% chance. This would make it very viable and sought out for but wouldn't be completely overpowered.
  11. change it to 700-800 RPM, i like the idea of an AR with good accuracy and good dmg output but the rpm needs a definite nerf
  12. D I S C O M B O B U L A T E
  13. Let's take Pluto's form of nerfing crouch jump for example. Yes, it's very effective, but in my opinion it limits movement. 100% it needs to be fixed (without restricting movement)
  14. Make HP Bloom an ascended power up and replace all the current HP blooms with something. HP bloom is on the same level as Hard Hat but its 10x more available.
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