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  1. I feel like this could be an interesting addition, I think the problem is trying to make it different from the bow. There needs to be something about it that differentiates the two so that it doesn't end up just being a clone weapon.
  2. Something I've thought about for a while and think would be fun is an infinite mag round. Basically you never have to reload, and while this would make some weapons kinda busted (cough cough DB) it's a wacky round for a reason.
  3. Gonna miss you even though it doesn't feel that you've been here all that long. Sincerely, your PC Machine
  4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c99uiLq0apuE0iB4kXEZkTocmH0qtLF9k0l79xZXQVk/htmlview# spreadsheet with most of the information you seek
  5. I agree that crab round is easy to counter with bhop, but it's still just a pain to have to either walk sideways or bhop literally everywhere you go. Makes some navigation that would regularly be incredibly simple completely infuriating.
  6. also spectator deathmatch was experimented with, too laggy with all the server's features
  7. Yeah but the issue is that the method applied of "changing things up" only involves an irritating control scheme.
  8. That's another big issue. Inverted movement and specifically crab round allow t's to clean house with very little to no opposition. It's kind of just a free win for them.
  9. I suppose you could MAYBE make an argument for inverted movement or crab round, but old timey round and cartoon round literally just transform the game into eye melting ♥♥♥♥.
  10. yeah but why They add nothing to the game, they literally only make it more irritating to play, and people only ever get annoyed when they come up. I guess there are exceptions, but to me it's inconceivable that people could actually enjoy those four that I mentioned.
  11. At least remove inverted movement and crab round. Probably old timey and cartoon too. Those are literally just annoying.
  12. Fair enough, it's just that it seems strange that nothing has been done to change something that is complained about so often. Not trying to be rude or sound condescending towards the dev team, because I'm sure they already have a lot on their hands, but it still has been a really long time since wacky rounds were implemented, and nothing has changed other than the removal of loadout swap (I think).
  13. I think that's a bit much. The event rounds actually are fun and change up the game quite a bit, and there's always a chance you'll get a good reward. My problem is with the rounds that seem to have no actual reason for existing other than making the game less playable.
  14. I mean clearly we need more because nothing seems to have changed despite the fact that lots of people are pushing for it.
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