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  1. This thread was not to point fingers. I understand from your view (MeatNTwoVeg) that the situation is tough, and if we are to still use bodies as a viable way to call our KOS's, then we need a system that can also tell us the last thing they said. The logs should be able to do that, not only chat logs, but show a picture or something of what the "stats" of the persons body was at the time of death. This is a systemal failure. We just need a better one. Yes, I was very annoyed at the conclusion. Mostly because I would never call someone out like that without proof.
  2. I just played a game on on TTT EU#1 and I'm wondering if it is correct that I should be slayed for KOS'ing someone from what a body said. The body (Beccaw) stated "Maple is a Traitor!" and so I went on and called a KOS on Maple and shot at him. The next thing I know, I'm getting reported for "False KOS". Sure why not. I can see how the situation might've seen that way, when if you did not know what I knew. So i wrote as a respond "I KOS'd you off of what a body had told me, therefore it is not a wrongful attempted kill or KOS". The case was not forgiven and a mod decided to slay me. So here is the question. Are we, or are we not allowed to KOS off of the information we get from the bodies? Regards, Hamus (Unfortunately I do not go around and record my games, but maybe I should just to play ttt, right?) https://imgur.com/ZnA4zHg (The slay) https://imgur.com/5MDBBYV (The logs) (Unfortunately you cannot tell what bodies know from the logs)
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