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  1. You have 3 hours of playtime which gives you plenty of time to read over our rules and understand how TTT is meant to be played. Ban Upheld.
  2. It has been almost a year since your last offense, so I am willing to unban you. Do not do the same thing! Closed and Archived.
  3. Has been seen. Discussing this
  4. I am willing to unban you, so do not fall short on this opportunity to come back.
  5. I need to know your discord username that got banned so I can unban you.
  6. You should be unbanned now. If you encounter a problem, do not hesitate to contact me again! Closed and Archived.
  7. Hottest guys in here <3

    1. Langile



    2. JRafael
  8. You admitted to revenge rdm and have been banned in the past for it. Sorry, but I will have to deny your appeal. Closed and Archived.
  9. You joined in while banned on an alt. You knew what you were doing and did it anyway. Closed and Archived.
  10. You had talked about your unban request. Therefore, this ban has been upheld. Closed and Archived.
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