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  1. My new years resolution is to be dead by the end of this year
  2. You can remove them by unlocking the item, right clicking and holding left click on the remove paintname. As for previewing I don't believe there is
  3. Also for talents that stack it should have a "x1" for example like Speedforce x3 and it would have a timer for when it runs out completely
  4. ^^^ this + no slow just increased damage for balance
  5. +1 Inventory sorting would be a great addition to the server.
  6. Macro bunny hopping is nowhere near as good as autohop.
  7. +1 Signatures would add spoof to our posts.
  8. Thanks for the update, get some sleep man you deserve it after its released of course
  9. Meh IMO its a bad idea because new players will just RDM someone for pinning a body because they are unaware that its enabled
  10. great job on staff, you deserved it.

  11. I tested most of the playermodels and the most black is the spy model but I feel like it would be fine as the gloves are a normal texture aswell as the skin and whiteness of the undershirt
  12. Yea I can just easily go into single player put on the model and try changing the color
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