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  1. Which server did the bug occur?: Server 1 What time did the bug occur?: 5:30 P.M. Central What Happened?: A concise description of what the problem is. The more detail the better, as it will make the bug easier to replicate and track down. On the TTT_Concrete, no ammo drops had spawned on the entire map for all the rounds. This has happened for all the times played on the map, with several complaints by people (mainly me, because I'm a whiny little girl) Steps to Reproduce [if Available]: Step by step instructions on how to reproduce this bug. 1. Load up TTT_Concrete 2. Notice lack of ammo 3. Get mad cuz I can't kill anyone
  2. It could also be that the lower your health gets, the more damage it does. So regardless of health, it will still do more damage anyway. An example could be that : for every 1 point of health lost, the current weapon gains 3% more damage, or something like that.
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