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  1. Unlucky moat.gg Unlucky#9602 I’m religious for ic
  2. I am buying an ascended or extinct ak47 with good trig and a good healing talent Discord: Unlucky#9602
  3. I need to buy a Comet or Dasher if u do have one pm me on discord I have a large budget Discord: Unlucky#9602
  4. I agree with everything here except the titan crate change and maybe just get rid of the Anti Traitor daily completely instead of even lowering it
  5. Yea but that is basically event or time exclusive where there are large amounts of Extincts being obtained higher chances would just be a better thing even if it is slight
  6. +1 I think this is a great idea that gives a use to terrible extinct weapons but maybe a higher chance than 1/50
  7. In the original motel I think the t pit should be shortened or nullify the fall damage you take from falling in to it as a t because when you try to kill and shoot someone but try to make a quick escape by falling in to the t pit you could end up dying from the fall damage after taking heavy damage from your gunfight
  8. The spawns are already being fixed just not implemented yet Meepen did something and it wasn’t fixed in the same update as the grove street one for some reason it was supposed to
  9. The limit of players per server should be reduced. Mostly due to the new battle pass it has attracted a lot of players and servers become filled but it is more than it can handle people suffer from the lag because of the large population so the servers should limit more people from joining and also add more servers to help with the large population of people playing.
  10. -1 I don’t think a gun like this would fit into the play style of ttt I play a lot of r6 and the aa12 is a spam shotgun with trash range so in ttt you either spam the trigger and hope to deal 10 damage or die cuz unlike siege this is mostly about killing and surviving siege is more strategical
  11. +1 This reminds me of CSGO trade up contracts and would be a great idea to farm good weapons and make use of trash superior titan weapons for those who spend a lot on crates and get nothing. Also it would be great to see a large production of sakos and m4a1 titan weapons as they are some of mine and others favorite gun to use but are fairly uncommon in low rarities and uncommon in general. It would be perfect at ten weapons to trade up also not any more titan weapons from crates is hard enough to get
  12. On ttt_minecraftcity_v4 and ttt_minecraftcity_v4_dark near the house opposite to the tower is a grass patch to the right of the house that is completely see through and views the whole basement and tester room
  13. There would be one problem though elemental weapons would just have a clear advantage over other weapons, even if it is slight, no downside maybe if the proc chances of other talents were decreased or other adjustments were made then it would be balanced.
  14. The peacekeeper should be changed to fully automatic or have an accuracy buff because it is a little underwhelming and inconsistent It now even has worse accuracy than sakos due to the recent buff of sakos