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  1. This is not going to be a long post - just short and on point. At the moment there are plenty of weapons in the current database circulation that are either overpowered or underpowered , here's a few changes I think should happen Weapons that need to be nerfed (by nerf I mean keep them worth using , but not in a way where they outclass almost everything else in their weapon category in every aspect possible) : Tommygun Peacekeeper Dual Glocks (only slightly) Weapons that need to be buffed (by buff I mean make them usable , don't make them stupidly overpowered) : VSS M1911Crimson (also known as ecopati/hippity hoppity) Benelli TE XM1014 M14A1 Dual Sg550s Dual rifles I think that's all
  2. Another way you can go about nerfing them is to completely destroy their range and accuracy so they'd be like a worse secondary dual macs
  3. 1. Pog 2. Also add paintball to holukis yes that will be very epic
  4. nah dude its completely fine and very fun to play against or with especially because it works super duper well exactly as it was intended https://medal.tv/clips/23837977/d1337m7WLDeA
  5. Nah bass cannon is completely fine no way you can crash/lag the whole server with it https://medal.tv/clips/23837977/d1337m7WLDeA
  6. The rpm should be buffed back to what it was before and everything else kept the same
  7. After having reviewed the evidence alongside the reported player's response I concluded there is insufficient evidence to prove this wasn't a rightful kill however I am going to go ahead and remind you that ID or KOS has to be in chat , on this case it does not matter too much as there is no way to prove he didn't see you run away from the unid'd body Locked & Archived
  8. Zenotix#7734 jako you are gae
  9. Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:103852580 Rank Applying For: Senior Administrator Why do you want to be promoted?: I have been an administrator for approximately 2 months however I feel like I have come a very long way with both the community and my own duties , I do a lot of work as an administrator and a staff member in general , even things that aren't exactly what an administrator should do. For example I had a major part in setting up the pricing channel on discord after the wipe has happened , I can spend hours going through it looking for new people who have a strong enough of a grip to become a price checker , I set pins to help everyone there that will be accurate basically forever and much more , I help people on a regular basis on the server - staff members and other members of the community alike , even if I am not obliged to or have to do so under my role Moreover I am very active , I spend hours of my day on he server , whether its staffing in game , doing forums work , trading / helping people on discord or just chatting with other people in the community I have a very strong connection with the community , the only reason I am applying now is because a lot of members in the community had told me that I should. Throughout my time as administrator I have learned and improved a lot , I think I fulfilled my administrator duties to the fullest , and the main reason I want to be promoted is so I can help more people and contribute more of myself to the community Last , I would like to thank you for taking your time to read my application and wish you a nice day 🙂 What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?: I would help out with unban appeals as I think my judgement is rightful. I have a very good connection and understanding of the members and individuals in the community so I would be able to help with trial staff and promotion applications a lot. I plan to continue doing my administrator duties (handling ban requests with the occasion of player complaints as well) Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?: Yes , I have recently talked to maple about it and also with sludge a few mnoths ago and I understand the duties and what will be expected of me How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?: On a daily basis
  10. I think that all of these new roles (other than hitman) will create a lot of chaos and RDM here's why Jester - an excuse to constantly T bait Hypnotist - ghosting bans incoming Glitch - an excuse to RDM traitor buddies Phantom - giving players another easy way to KOS off suspicion Swapper - I'm just generally confused about this Hitman seems fun though , as long as you can't get traitor buddies as targets I think this role will be just fine to add and will be very fun I'm sure there's more reasons as to how those new roles are going to break everything but that's all I could think of
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