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  1. https://medal.tv/clips/26262257/2ZvCkXeNyV5v Killed 3 T's with a precise ak , then proceeded to get RDM'd - as I was typing the report this happened and needless to say I didn't care about the report after that There's also this lovely little clip but I'm not sure it fits here https://medal.tv/clips/24535898/d133728tgIPz
  2. Better give me a homerun bat in it
  3. Make it so people who have hb equipped are restricted to only get worns as an end round drop EZ
  4. I suggested that in the past : my idea was to combine all of them into one and have the same chance to roll any of them as any other t2 talent and then have an additionaly chance to roll one of them So lets say you rolled a projectile talent it'd have a (100/amount of proj talents)% to drop a specific one
  5. It wont matter because everyone just votes for the 1st map that pops up anyways - people usually boost those so they show up first Making them unboostable could be an idea however......
  6. I have a better idea , why don't you swap it with trigger finger instead that way its even worse for actual gameplay but better for events where click doesn't work and its actually fun to use
  7. I actually quite like this idea , you basically buff weaker powerups by sort of combining them together and punish people for using the strong ones
  8. Seems like a pretty cool idea , could use a bit more tweaking but seems very nice
  9. You clearly cannot read - I never mentioned anything about changing snowball because it doesn't need to be changed - special prefixed christmas weapons(daner vixen dasher prancer etc) will still always drop snowball I would also like to point out that projectile talents are near useless on every single shotgun other than slog as it works properly on anything other than slog (its broken on slog) - it procs per shot , not per pellet.
  10. Okay so I thought this through and I believe I have a solution on fixing the current issue with having 4 or 5 snowball-like projectile talents in a way that will keep everyone happy. First of all nerf every single one of them to 5-15% to proc a projectile dealing 10-35 damage - that way snowball is superior to them all Second and most important - combine all of them into one talent ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN : Lets say there are 10 t2 talents - you'd have a 10% to roll a projectile talent and IN THAT 10% you'd have an extra 100/(amount of projectile talents)% chance to drop a specific projectile talent - that way moat can both keep adding projectile talents as much as he wants AND they don't take up more than one rollable t2 slot - EVERYONE WINS ! Last - FIX THE WAY THEY WORK ON SLOG BECAUSE I AM SICK AND TIRED OF GETTING CROSSMAP SNIPED BY A ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ PROJECTILE SLOG REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE In all seriousness though - the major things that should be done first are the first and second (the slog part would just be a cool bonus 😞 )
  11. OTS Best secondary in the game.
  12. It's not a bad idea but I don't really think its necessary
  13. yes but also add energizing and paintball like suggested before 😞
  14. Its already a good enough t2 which functions just fine and does not need a rework at all in my opinion
  15. I dont know if all of you remember , but a while ago moat changed the base hp of everyone to 1000 for a few hours (maybe days I dont remember). What I do remember though is that it was very fun (needless to say that if it stayed longer it would have become annoying and unfun) , so I thought why not bring it back in the shape of a wacky round. Tank mode - all players receive 1000 hp for this round.
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