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  1. what about this is a "beta launch" it just looks like a reset
  2. You must wait a week after an unban is denied before making another. Denied
  3. Talking about your Unban Request results in an instant denial. Denied
  4. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, then. Denied
  5. Talking about your unban request results in an instant denial. Denied
  6. Talking about your unban request results in an instant denial. Denied
  7. PM me on Discord (@crossboy#7777) when Possible.
  8. Just because you didn't like the guy doesn't mean that using Hateful Conduct towards him is valid. Denied
  9. You killed someone at the exact start of the round for no reason, dealing damage to some others in the process. The initial kill was RDM. Denied
  10. Convenient how your mouse happens to hit your keyboard right as you are aiming at people. Be more careful next time. Denied
  11. So... You cheated because you thought everyone else must be cheating as well... You were still cheating. Denied
  12. Then you should have read the rules that automatically pop up when you join the server. Denied
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