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  1. Personally i think we should wipe. Although the rollback fixed majority of the issues its still not possible to fix everything. We still have people with op guns that none other compare too. People who droped good weapons before the roll back want their stuff back and its all complete crap. If we wipe or don't wipe i dont really care, but i think wiping is the right answer here.
  2. Before the wipe I remember them being sold for about 75-85k. I am not sure about now though.
  3. Before the wipe I remember them being sold for about 75-85k. I am not sure about now though.
  4. The problem is that if they make an appeal for 1 person then they make an appeal for everyone. People will get banned from the server, get it appealed and then immediately get banned again. I understand your side since you never knew the rules for vote kicking but that doesnt mean they can just let it slide. You still have your VIP decon along with other VIP benefits, now you'll just have to call for staff. Truly isnt a right answer to this, it's just something that you're gonna have to deal with.
  5. If someone used flame retardant and an almost perfect medically weapon to survive 2 proxys, a gas and a discombob.... I think they played their cards right and should be able to live. Its not like it was super easy for him to do it, he survived 3 t weapons. It's one thing to exploit to a spot that you just cant die in, but going to a spot that its possible to die at and using the right powerups and weapons to survive through 4 t's is actually impressive. I dont think that would considered delaying.
  6. The weapon skins were mostly apart of the Easter collection this year, there was also some from holiday crates from Christmas. They are limited because they are somewhat rare. They will have the events again in the future and those skins will be available again 🙂
  7. I am really surprised this isn't added yet, very good idea. I like the idea of the dp-28 too. Having another gun like the huge would be awesome!
  8. Although mixed reviews, pretty happy that this got this much attention. Thank you all ❤️
  9. People would do it at the chance of getting good planetaries, it's basically gambling. Which almost everyone does on the server. It's just gambling with guns instead of ic.
  10. Okay so let's say you wanna go the route of collecting high ends with 50/50 crates. 20 high ends equals 1 ascended. A 50/50 costs like 2k right? So if we go by 50/50 then 40k would roughly get you an ascended. I said it would need to be balanced so it should probably be raised to 30 high ends so 60k worth of 50/50s. That would be about how much a ascended is worth. 10 ascendeds for a cosmic so 60x10 is 600k! This seems almost too much for a cosmic, but then again it should be this high since some cosmics are only 200k and some are even more. Then 10 cosmics for a planetary. So 200k-400k for each so almost 2 or 3 mil for a planetary. You're essentially overpaying for a random gun. I dont think this would ruin the economy, I think a lot of people just wouldn't use the feature. Youd have to invest a large amount of money (even more then it would cost to just buy out a planetary from a person) to get a planetary that you dont even know what gun, talents or stats it will have. Plus you could edit rates of certain guns. Obviously it shouldn't be the same chance to get a BBF, BWF, BBP or lightsaber as like a beastmode, trepaci and akeline. Still would have different drop rates to make it balanced.
  11. @Reh I dont see how it would ruin the economy though.I mean 1 cosmic is roughly 200k. So 10 cosmics would equal 2 mil. Which is a lot for some planetaries. It's hard for some people to even find certain weapons they want, this way it could be random. Almost like gambling! 10 cosmics could get you a planetary worth 2 mil, or 400k. This would actually steady out the economy because it would encourage saving bad cosmics or ascendeds for this purpose. This would cause a more balanced price for mutators in all. Planetary muts would be more common because if you get a bad planetary then you'd decon it. This would actually balance out things more in my head. Open to hear opinions tho so please lmk what your thoughts are!
  12. @isaac_pitts well I dont think you could do that because then you could just get infinite random ascendeds. It would be very unbalanced if it worked backwards, we can already decon the guns for ic.
  13. Okay so this would be taking from csgo but you could make a system where you trade up let's say 20 high ends and you get a random ascended. 15 ascendeds and a cosmic. 10 cosmics and you get a planetary. Obviously this would need to be very well balanced, but this would work very well I think!!
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