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  1. I suggested this in past, it wasnt liked very much as it would change the economy drastically. An extra 3500 a map is a lot. 10 maps and you could get just buy an ascended with the money you make from it. Still +1 though because i definitely think it could be implemented in a cool way.
  2. Made one of these before forums changed, but probably should make another considering lots dont know me. Im Draconic, my actually name is Harry though 🙂 Im a pretty chill guy that just enjoys helping out the server. I work as a chef in real life, but besides that theres not much to know about me. Anyways, see you ❤❤❤❤❤es on the flippity.
  3. Maybe give him a weapon called "Death Claws" that actually show death claw hands that swing, would be pretty cool.
  4. I feel like medicality should stay the same, and maybe just have a new power up. Its already very good. Getting pefect medicality on a melee weapon would just be too strong with this buff. I think medicality sits at a good place
  5. I understand the appeal, like the grand exchange from runescape. But players talking and negotiating a price, self advertising, finding a buyer or selling, thats what makes the market interesting on moat. Take that away and we lose a big part of what makes the community what it is.
  6. Its from the inventory restoration that happened. People are getting guns back from before the wipe.
  7. Cosmic Ricardo model, planetary Ricardo taunt??? Where you actually do the dance he does? That would be pog
  8. I like the idea but we already have Focus and Click. Imagine getting something like this on a fenchi, something with already extremely high firerate. People wouldnt want to take the trade off of slower rpm and mag size just for 10% higher damage then Focus. Nice idea though
  9. If we had better servers maybe. But that would cost a lot of extra money. Youd have to upgrade like 25 servers. Not cheap at all. The only way it could be done is if it was client side, but the problem witb that is it would allow people to easily cheat their inventories so thats not really an option.
  10. Although this is a nice idea, it would just be impossible from the amount of server lag it would cause.
  11. I see both sides on this, obviously the tax doesnt actually go towards anything so why would we have it. But at the same time if there was no tax then there would be inflation. However, if i recall, there used to not be any tax back in the day. And again if i recall there was inflation because of it, not much but a little. I can understand having a tax, but i do think it could be decreased.
  12. Maybe a special discord role only given to more experienced players? Most people lvl 80+ know what they are talking about. But then again maybe players should just ask for a second opinion??
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