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  1. Jako dinner is ready please come home from your friends house I made spaghetti and meatballs. It’s the last day of summer jako I want you to end on a good note jako please come home
  2. yea but ekksdee likes men so his opinion is pretty irrelevant smh
  3. +1+1+1+1+1+1 very good yes very nice
  4. This post is still going anyways I think it’s come to an agreement to just make it one shot or gauge dmg based on how far away you are
  5. What your suggesting is just an Easter egg model for a Christmas frag? i like that actually +1
  6. I’m gonna be real no point in dono or staffing anymore -1
  7. I didn't feel like doing that cause it would have been lost kinda fast :pepega:
  8. Alright Melees as they are have some pretty useless talents to them such as brutal, frac and cm (I think cm doesn't work?) anyways I'm suggesting some new talents that are MELEE specific. First before all that you should introduce limb and headshots for melees, maybe making it a 1.2-1.5 multiplier for headshots and a .8/.75 dmg reduction for hitting limbs for a 24 dmg melee that's a 19.2 limb dmg hit and for headshots it could range from 28-36 dmg moving onto talents Serrated: it would be a small dmg booster for all hits it would be scaled to rpm so you wouldn't have a 190 baton doing 25 dmg a hit xd long arms: as I suggested before its just a range increase on your melee strong arms: your push force would be increased by x% Heavy arms: melee rpm is lower dmg is higher backstabber: hits behind the back do x% more dmg electrified: It would be a Talent where hiring you has a X% chance to enable a blinding effect like a Christmas flash Concussive: hitting someone could have a x% chance to slow and "nauseate" hitting consecutively would produce a higher chance Fear: X% chance to have someone not move for 5-10 amount of seconds I assume all t3 Talents work on melees but if they don't fix that. Scale Dborn a little bit and remove tug o war from melees currently these are some I'm thinking off appreciate the feedback
  9. For all those new stalker was a event introduced with the Easter event, every thirty seconds a Easter egg would spawn with it saying “a Easter egg has spawned on the map” anyways the stalker was a person who went invisible, had a knife that could two tap someone, which would always replenish itself as long as you killed someone, and he could fly around and kill everyone. He has a infinite jet pack which means that he could fly around at the cost of not using his knife essentially it’s was like guerilla warfare you could see him occasionally w ur flash light or if he was holding something, it was a fun round :^)
  10. tbt el chicken soup dropped the only zero suit :^) feelsgoodman that was back when I was a V I P
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