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  1. and the last pic shows me hitting someone with it which was my bad he ran right into it n he killed me for it and i told him i was sorry
  2. also the second pic shows me shooting someone who shot me first so that pic false but nice try also lets talk about youre friend that u was ghosting with while he purp rdmed me n rev rdm me with ur help
  3. first off i only done it that mapp which u got logs for n i only been doing it to u because u and ur friend keeps rdming me so the next round ill hit u with it i would of stopped but u started to talk shit and started to RDM me on my T rounds you and ur friend so why stop when you guys kept rdming me
  4. Your In-Game Name: 6lack jesus Your Steam ID: 76561198027138758 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #1 Staff Member that Banned You: Viemärirotta Ban Reason: Attempted Purp Mass RDM Ban Length: PERMA Did you break any rules?: No What Happened: I Was banned for mass rdming by someone on the sever which i never did i shot n killed one man because he called me a bitch and said he was going to kill me and telling people to KOS me while i was DEV so when i saw him i killed him for saying he was going to kill me witch i was told i can do if someone say their going to kill me i can kill them. and i shot n tryed to kill magic the first time because someone said he was a T n he was high sus the whole round n i honestly thought he was the only one left alive not proven n i also shot him once then stop shooting n he kept shooting n i did tell him sorry in chat like 3 times not sure if he saw me type it in chat n the second time was crossfire i was trying to kill someone n he got in the way n i killed him again i said sorry in chat but he didnt answer me back so i left it at that. and i was killed right after killing him for killing him in crossfire. Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
  5. In-Game Name of Offender: MooneyesX SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:0:114302187 Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft #4 Date of Incident: 01/11/2020 Report Reason: VIP Votekick Abuse What Happened: i was playing on TTT minecraft #4 and theirs a lot going on people mass RDMing n all kinda stuff but that's not the point i just joined the sever i got maybe 2 rounds into the game when everyone started body blocking spawn n throwing TNT into spawn killing lots of INO N Traiters i told them to stop that shit no one listen while i'm typing mooneyesX walks past me n shoots me with his shotgun n leaves me at 2hp i saw him shoot me clear as day so after i stopped typing i walked up to him the min he see's me he say oh sorry missclick n starts laughing so i killed him n ID his body he was a T so i walk after while the round still going he starts a votekick on me for trolling (clearly mad i killed him on his T round) i win the vote n don't get kicked i told moon that i'm REC n ill see him on the website for votekick abusing. and he didn't listen because the next round people was body blocking the spawn again i said n warned that i will kill they dont stop out of no where on my T round another votekick pops up as i m shooting someone n its from moon again for trolling i said in chat stop votekicking me during the round n stop abusing votekicking saggy yelled out dont votekick during the round but vote yes get him out of here n i was banned for trolling... Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: no Witnesses: Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  6. In-Game Unban Request Format Your Steam Display Name: SOM TING WONG Your In-Game Name: SOM TING WONG Your Steam ID: Which server were you banned on?: sever 2 Staff Member That Banned You: I dont know but im pretty sure it was the suees Reason Banned: {content disrespect} {toxicity} (many offences) How Long You Were Banned: 83530.62 mins What Happened: I been on the sever for a while now and each day i have to deal with some much racist shit from not only players but staff. they say all kinda racist stuff to me and franky it dont bother me but what bothers me is that they can say all kinda racist stuff to me but the min i say something back get slayed or gagged or muted for being disrespectful or being toxic. i never say anything racist back i dont say anything fucked up but i still get banned,kicked,slayed,gagged, and muted for saying something back. but what happens to them? nothing. the day i found out i was banned a couple of hours before i found out i was on the sever playing haven fun like any other day but then a staff joined the same staff thats always gagging me kicking me or muting me for saying something to him he do not like or i dont kiss his ass everything was fine till one of the players got mad at me for "RDMING" him and called me a stupid N word n i laughed n was talking shit back then the staff gagged me and told me if i dont stop player dis i will be kicked then left me gagged for 2 rounds. then after that while i was playing with a friend of mine that said they was rec everything that was going on and rec all the racist shit he was sayin to me and just saying. he went a whole map saying and calling me all kinda racist stuff and not once did i say anything back. then it got me mad so i started to talk shit back but still didnt say anything racist i told him to go fuck himself, to eat a dick, fall down a hill, and ext. and the friend/player i knew on the sever and was talking to was telling me how they was rec it all for me so i can report him right after i left the sever was telling me in steam chat how hes fucked up for saying all the racist stuff he was saying and thats why they was rec it all for me but after i left the sever a hour after all that happen i texted them and asked them to send me the rec so i can report them and they said they would send it to me by the end of the night. they never sent it and we wasnt friends anymore on steam. so i went to bed the next moring i went to join the sever and i was banned for over 90k mins when i never said or did anything wrong. Did You Break Any Rules: (Yes/No) no other then dis the people who was being racist to me Witnesses: a handful of people that was on the sever but i bet no one will speak up becasue they dont want to get banned by that staff for standing up to his abuse...
  7. ok so i would like to start off by saying i was bannned by who ever for reason {content disrespect} {toxicity} (many offences) ok so for one im only disrepsectful to people who are disrespectful to me like you're staff i get so much disrespect from you're staff its not even funny i get called names i have to deal with them being racist to me there is a handful of ur high up staff that are toxic and disrespectful and racist as fuck and i was told by staff that being racist is not allowed but yet everyday i get on the sever i get called NIGGER and all other kinda racist shit by not only players but the staff the same staff that we should be looking up to to help the sever n players to make the sever better but they are not making it better these disrespectful asshoels that say n talk all kinda shit because they can because they are staff and its their word vs mine theirs not a time i dont get on the sever and dont hear all kinda racist shit from the staff. dont get me wrong its not all staff but all the higher ups are the ones that are being toxic, racist, disrespectful assholes they can talk all kinda shit and say what ever but the min i say something back i get banned, slayed, gagged n muted... so i dont even bother or listen to staff well most of them the ones i know are assholes and toxic i mute them the min i join and see them on.. i can admite to being a asshole to some people well again only to the people who are being a asshole or disrespectful to me i can admite my wrong with that but i have no respect for staff that talk all kinda shit n say all kinda racist shit n the min you say something back they abuse their powers.. so i was banned for what.....{161194.85 mins} for being disrespectful and toxic but everyone on the sever so far meaning staff to have been toxic and disrespecful but nothing happens to them... so can someone please exsplain? P.S if you're going to just comment to talk shit save you'reself the time because i dont care what you have to say i'm only here to see why i really got banned and if i can get unbanned
  8. 6LACK


    Your Steam Display Name: 6lackYour In-Game Name: 6lackYour Steam ID: idk sorry to sayWhich server were you banned on?: SEVER 2Staff Member That Banned You: idk it dont sayReason Banned: purposeful RDM (third offence)How Long You Were Banned: 10067.85What Happened: idk i just tryed to join the sever n im banned for how ever long that is i didnt nothing wrong n since my last wrongful bann i done nothing wrong n sticked to myself n just played the game i barely even talk to anybody anymore on the sever so staff wouldnt find a reason to wrongfuly bann me again just last night i was on the sever playing with everyone haven fun laughing making jokes it was a good time n i get ready to join today n was hoping to have the same outcome like last night haven fun n haven a laugh n im banned for RDM when i never RDMED anybody i swear evertime its something new with this sever i cant even go on the sever for a day n have fun without someone claiming i RDMED n banneding me for a long asss time i have no probmles with no one on the sever maybe some players but they are toxic players but i still wouldnt RDM them or rule break i wouldnt do shit to give u staff a reason to bann me for a shit long time like now i have problems with some staff but thats because i said they abuse which they proved my point from time to time but at the same time i know i dont wanna be banned for this TTT sever because its the only one i play on get yet some how i still get banned for doing nothing wrong so can someone please tell me or make some shit up n tell me why i was banned n wheres ur proof like real proof? ALSO just a heads up since clearly u staff stick togethere if ur going to comment n just talk shit n call me toxic even though i never even been on the sever with u please just save ur self the time n stop talking shit or saying shit just to fit in i can go on the sever n everyone joking n playing n laughing with me theirs at least maybe 3-5 players that dont like me but those are players other peopel call toxic theirs maybe 3 staff that dont like me because i called them out on abuse n now it seems like u guys are gunning for me for w.e reasonDid You Break Any Rules: (Yes/No) noWitnesses: idk when any othe this even happen
  9. ok so i just wanna know why i was banned for 2 weeks n what proof do u guys have of any of the stuff that happen on the sever the day of me getting banned for 2 days? how do i get banned for 2 days for mass staff disrespect then i come to the websit like the sever say to do i do that n staff lie n it goes from 2 days to 2 weeks like what the fuck did i do wrong? why is it everytime i play on this sever i always get shit from ur staff when i dont do shit to ur staff u guys abuse the hell out of ur powers i swear he had no proof of me staff disrespecting n if he did ok then 2 days bann but 2 weeks u guy find any reason to get rid of anybody that ur staff dont like no matter what i have no problems with no one else on the sever but a handful of ur staff wait im lieing maybe just 3-4 staff n each time i made a report about them abusing on the fourms like the sever tells me to do all i get is talked down by staff n other staff n i get in more banned for doing nothing wrong n u say the unbann fourms is for u to come on here n say sorry for ur wrong but i wasnt in the damn wrong u guys are just abusing the hell out of ur powers n its more toxic then anything i can think of its crazy to be honest like why is it so hard for u guys to be layed back n not be toxic like come on now i can name a list of staf that aint toxic and dont abuse the hell out of their powers every chance they get its crazy n please tell me or show me how am i being fucking toxic for making a unbann post like what the damn sever tells me ? i never disrespected staff in the damn first place but now i kinda wish i did i did nothing wrong n i get banned for 2 days then i let it all go n take my 2 days bann because i knew u guys would take ur staff side no matter what n bamm i come back n im banned for 2 weeks for what being toxic being called toxic by a staff i barely ever play with on TTT thats funny u guys call anybody toxic that dont shut up n kiss ur ass n stand up to ur power abuse n when that dont work u just banned them for 2 weeks or soo hoping they dont come back so u dont have to deal with someone that knows u abuse. like what the hell so if u can please show me some proof of me disrespecting to the point that i needed a 2 day banned n then show me some proof of me being toxic to the point i need a 2 week bann n prove to me u guys just didnt bann me because u know u abuse n didnt want anyone talking about ur abuse? so please show me some proof becasue if ur staff are going to be toxic n absue their power to get their way then i honestly dont wanna come back to ur sever i come on it now because of the peopel on the sever people i chat with n have fun playing with but everytime theirs something new theres always something n everytime u guys try so hard to find a reason to bann me for way longer then needed its funny how the staff i barley ever play with are the ones that are talking like they know me n play with me everyday on sever 2 when we all know they are always on sever 1 so please can i get some kinda prooof or are u just going to abuse n close my post ? because u guys dont like when people stand up for themselfs n Q ur staff choices?? @George6120
  10. Your Steam Display Name: 6LACKYour In-Game Name: 6LACKYour Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:33436515Which server were you banned on?: Server #2Staff Member That Banned You: ZarbReason Banned: Constant Staff Disrespect + Refusal to simmer down / ceaseHow Long You Were Banned: 2 daysWhat Happened: we all was joking abut zarb RDMING someone last round n i say we all do that then he gets mad as fuck and starts yelling into his mic at me about how i need to shut the fuck up about staff how im always disrespecting staff and this and that n i laughed n said bro why u so salty i was joking then he gagged me n i said in chat that he is abusing the boss round happen i was gagged the whole time the round ended i asked in chat over n over when will i be ungagged no answer i pm him when will i be gagged no answer after the round ends i asked when will i be ungagged no answer right before the preround started he said in chat he gagged me for constant staff disrespect n i told him i said i was fucking joking about it we all was so i dont understand why ur getting so salty about it how mad ur getting about it makes me feel like its all true he then kicks me for w.e reason fine i join back right before the round starts i say over my mic thank u for kicking me nice job then he banns me for 2 days how is me saying we all do that when they said great a staff that RDMED about zarb n i said we all do that n he got mad as fuck n started yelling at me i didnt know why he was so mad so i laughed at him n ask why he so salty for then i get gagged im pretty sure everyone thats on sever 2 dayly knows all i do is bitch about things i bitch about how bad people are for using shotguns (joking) i talk about how anoyying it is when i get shot in the back (joking) i talk about how fucked up this or that gun is ( joking) so i dont understand how when i told him i was joking he got so mad to the point n banned meDid You Break Any Rules: (Yes/No) no Witnesses: everyone on the sever but at the same time i dont think they would care or was even listen it was durning a boss round everyone was to busy yelling about the guns being used durning boss round n about eggs