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  1. Proposed idea is a server that can allow players to test talents on their weapons, it would simulate as if a gun had any of the talent levels, and would not go into a player's official inventory. This would not be official TTT and bounties could not be done on here. An example for the server's purpose is testing damage of a Fracture gun on leg shot, or test how much damage body armor prevents from your weapons and how long it will take to kill a Body Armored role. For this to work there would need to be NPCs or damage readers with the location multiplier, a head-shot damage test, a body-shot and a limb shot. This could also serve as a trading hub for players who do not want to hop into a game, but sell something over discord or similar, the map could be anything, If the shooting range isn't enough for some players, a solution could be player duels if testing out on still targets will not work There can be activation aids, for talents like Desperate Times, or Vampiric and Leech because those are health dependent skills or skills like speed force and visionary. I am unsure of how the bits and pieces would make it come together, but food for thought, i will make changes as my wording may change, or new parts of the idea may come to me.
  2. I resolve to improve my temper and attitude
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