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  1. There actually is a Doom Guy Model in the Moat Resource Pack. Would be cool to get added
  2. iirc this is intentional.
  3. Bump because this is important to know
  4. Do you like cock and ball torture?
  5. I suggested this a while ago. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=407143697 here's a decent model you can use. +1
  6. We already have a bunch of heavy Bonds secondaries (including a revolver) it would be nice to get another automatic Bonds Gun. Also bad name I would call it Bonds Old Friend.
  7. groovestreet & buttclown redux Not enough spawn points so players die when they spawn if every point is full.
  8. That’s the point, I want it to be rare on guns. Maybe deconning a Stattrak Gun could give you a chance at an item that applies Stattrak. The higher the rarity of the gun = the higher the chance at the Stattrak Item.
  9. Instead of having it just be something like a name tag where you just apply it to a gun it would be cool if you had a chance your gun would have it everytime you got a gun. Anyways this has probably been suggested countless times before and it’s a cool idea
  10. The Vape already shoots fire, It also used to deal damage/catch people on fire but this caused too much accidental rdm. I neat change would give it the ability to burn props.
  11. Rarity: Cosmic or Planetary DMG (15-30%) RPM (30-60%) MAG ∞ Push Delay (5-10%) Push Force (20-30%) Special Talent: (I'm not certain about the tier yet.) T3 Pure Gold - Killing a target with this weapon will turn their body into solid gold. (it's just visual) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221962739 SWEP I Used.