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  1. do a backflip
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  3. Just drop free cosmics to a lucky person when you die
  4. solid meme my boy it looks so nice good job man
  5. Bro I would love to shoot ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ pebbles at someone ♥♥♥♥ yeh
  6. I would say 10-30% if you have a perfect speed reload on a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ mac 10 you have a .4 second reload and to so ♥♥♥♥ you get trigger finger and maybe inferno there is going to be a problem
  7. Your Steam Display Name: Gaungy?Your In-Game Name: GaungyYour Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59603295Which server were you banned on?: TTT Server #2 Staff Member That Banned You: Zarb Reason Banned: Ghosting How Long You Were Banned: Perm What Happened: Hello everyone, as you might know in the recent events I got perma banned for ghosting. Skip that for a little I just want to apologize for my actions in the community and just everything that I have done to cause harm and just in general being a minge. I have just starting high school so if you haven't heard from me I have been sleeping and doing homework. I am asking for forgiveness even though I have made other apologies. After being in such a long state of anger I just want anyone that I have personally made fun of or if I said some really hate full and sensitive material that I am deeply sorry for the stupid and idiotic actions that I have caused to make you feel harm or to make me look like an idiot as well. I have acted this way with many people and now I need to stop I need to start treating this as if it is real life and not just say whatever I think is on my mind which I normally do, I don't do this to bully or to personally harass I normally do this as most people would to find a place to fit in. Normally this is hard dealing with people in general ♥♥♥♥ talking me or just feeling alone and in the dark with most things. I hope this apology can reach out to people and not feel like a joke I don't think what I did was acceptable at all in the slightest way and I just want to publicly say im very sorry for what I have caused. In regards to my ban: I never intended to feel as though I am running or hurting someone else's rp/TTT experience by the "ghosting" ban that I have received I never intended this to go as far as it did and never thought in my mind what I did would hurt/make it seem like I was running the game. My friend made a stupid and horrible mistake which got me banned keeping the report that he made against me which had false information and other details that where not correct in the slightest. Story: Me and Krieg 2 weeks ago where in general having a blast and just playing with each other on the server and having a goof, I will admit our behavior was not acceptable and same with another admin on the server "Zarb" who was continuously mic spamming for almost 1 - 2 maps straight and gave us an insight that what we where doing was just a fun good time. We messed up bad and never expected this to happen, either of us to get perma banned. I have had previous experience with staff doing the exact same thing we where doing and I had the presumtion that it was okay, Turns out what I did was a huge mistake this was the first time I have ever done this and I also completely agree looking from a staff members point, My friend and I never had a push to talk so everything we said went through discord and as he was saying "kill this guy" and "I just killed so and so" so I kosed him, he laughed and made this dumb report so I decided to respond with "Smelly Smelly ♥♥♥♥♥♥" thinking it was a joke of what just happened, and I thought "haha you got rekt" Turns out he kept the report as a "meme" and we thought everything was fine and dandy. We never wanted this to escalate to the matters its in now. I myself will change from what actions that have occurred and make sure before I do anything that I feel is wrong will ask a higher up staff member and make sure none of this happens again. Again I apologize for everything I have caused and ask for forgiveness thank you. I know I have made apologies in the past and some of you might be losing faith in me and thinking I am just a suck up for getting banned. I will try my best to everyone on the server to fit there needs I need to stop myself from the behavior and overall grow up a bit. I guess this is behavior from previous communities I have been in and I can clearly see that this is not wanted here at all costs I will stop. even if this gets denied I will work even harder to redeem myself worthy to put my name on the community and hopefully make some smiles on your faces. Did You Break Any Rules: "Yes"Witnesses: "Krieg"
  8. Honestly there could be other useful talents but I would like to see this in game but as meni said guns with really slow reloads such as SMG'S this could prove to be a really broken power up and can really only be used for certain guns and others just make make the game really unfair for others so its a win/lose in a lot of situations
  9. Your Steam Display Name: GaungyYour In-Game Name: GaungyYour Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59603295Which server were you banned on?: DiscordStaff Member That Banned You: Not sure 90% ShadowReason Banned: Not specified "Harassment Most Likely"How Long You Were Banned: ForeverWhat Happened: So I took a joke and made it go really far for no reason at all and am completely sorry. I hope I have made things up with atomic and have no grudges. I really feel bad after putting him in the position that he was in making everything worse and not following rules and generally being a complete toxic ♥♥♥♥. I hope I can get back in the discord and keep up with regular updates and talk with friends ect. Did You Break Any Rules: Yes
  10. Honestly I will say explosive is dumb I think it was the stupidest idea because it completely breaks the game and makes weapons with a high rmp so much more valuable with a good explosive. This Trait is the most broken thing I have ever seen since The Experimental MIRV in fallout 3. Basically it
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