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  1. Right, I am just going to put my opinion in on this, the inventory rollback is necessary. I know its stupid and I know that you guys are going to complain however I think most of you understand that having broken items in the economy would be a stupid idea. There is not a good way to remove the glitched items without creating having a very complex logging system and manually going through the logs and fixing them all. That being said, moat probably doesn't have the depth that he would need to even go about fixing this Management not putting out an announcement on the discord/forums is a stupid idea but I get the thought behind it. They don't want all the negative drama that there was last time. Moat is trying to do his best in not pissing on the community and has actually been trying to get better from what I can see from just discord/game/other stuff. That being said moat still does what moat wants to do and sometimes that is not what everyone else wants. I think Jerry is trying his best to get through this however not having access to the code makes this impossible to fix without moat doing so. I would argue doing a rollback from before the bug was introduced was an essential however it seems like that was not done so some of the guns are still roaming around. This is stupid and will only help a little bit. It was better to wait until the bug was completely fixed then rollback to the nearest database save that he had however this could have been weeks ago depending on how often he backs them up. The most disappointing part of this was how long it took to fix, they 100% use git so a quick rollback to when this was introduced would have done the trick then push the old database and it should have been fixed in hours of it being discovered.
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