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  1. you should start round with full ammo reserves at the very least
  2. moat's got some dumbass idea about balancing where they're fine with dual weapons effectively turning mac10s and glocks into shotguns because they put a weight penalty that can be easily mitigated and think people still actually use wilds
  3. proceeds to put in dual weapons into the game a week later
  4. I see people complain about boston basher all the time. It's too sudden and punishing in gun fights, and the talent notification gets buried easily. For a 15-60k gun, the ~1/20 chance of turning into a suicide sentence is a really lame way of balancing
  5. since when did moat ever give a ♥♥♥♥ about balancing, and for 60k why would I want a gun that doesn't perform as well as a copycat gun on average or even a high end with good talents
  6. let me know how to do that when you die on the shot it procs
  7. Getting Boston Basher talent from wild guns is pretty much a death sentence. Make the talent do self damage overtime or reduce the damage by a lot, or remove it from the game because it doesn't work properly in the first place 😉
  8. Snipers don't count and neither do shotguns, what's that about
  9. AWP/knifes are good equalizers against 'mos with broken weapons and it follows the spirit of TTT, which is something this place desperately needs
  10. Remove all health regeneration for boss Freeze/Slow boss for first 10 seconds, grant everyone with invincibility so they can move away from boss Cloak is limited to 15 seconds at a time Cloak is charged by kills, 5 seconds per kill Cloak wipes all effects on boss Activating cloak does self-damage based on health percentage Cloak no longer grants invincibility, but gives quieter footsteps and speed Some players are granted radar Option to remove music/deathclaw voice clips (they literally clip and play even when tabbed out) and mostly Incentivize team deathmatches over deathclaw events because deathclaw is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ lame
  11. Dealer should hit until they have 17 or better, they don't just stand when they have a better hand than you Also the payout is 3:2, not 2:1 as it says
  12. Payout is 3:2 not 2:1 Dealer doesn't hit to 17 like expected, it will stand whenever its hand is better than the player's which is not how blackjack works
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